Mega Portokali beach we have described in detail here, but we would like to add few more words from our personal experience.

Color of the sea and the environment are making this beach, for us, the most beautiful beach in Halkidiki. As we are going down from the parking (main road) trough the coniferous forest, we always stay breathless when we see the sea. Why? Because of the unreal shades of blue which makes water to look sparkling and beautiful, so you just want to stay there and watch.

Sandy part of the beach is small and there is no space for a lot of visitors, and because of that in July and August is crowded. This does not stop us from visiting this amazing beach because it is surrounded by forest where we can always find space for ourselves. It’s definitely better to go there early. In our opinion, the most beautiful part of the forest is on the left side of the beach or exactly above the beach. We always try to find enough flat space for placing an assura, and often umbrella is not needed at all. The view from the forest is fantastic. When we settle, for a long time, we watch beautiful Aegean, amazing and clear sea and how swimmers enjoy it … A staircase leads from the forest to the beach, and above the beach itself, next to the stairs, there is a canteen where you can buy a drink or food if you need it. There, you can also seek shade and sit on chairs under trees or umbrellas and enjoy the view.

The smell of conifers, shade, crickets, beautiful sea and the buzz of happy visitors, make a stay on this still wild beach, relaxing and pleasant.

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