For all our people who refer to us, or our FB group Live from Greece, we have arranged discounts in restaurants and cafés in Thasos. Of course, download the thumbnail with the discount list to show if needed or to remind yourself which facilities you have discounts in.

*Note: Giros El Greco is no longer on the list. We apologise to anyone who may have had any inconvenience in this property.

Restaurants and cafés in Potos

One good tavern in Potos gives a discounts to all of you who refer to “Nikana” and “Live from Greece”. It’s George’s restaurant. It’s on the highway, next to the gas station. This restaurant is known for lamb and other grilled roasts. Although restaurants in Theologos are more popular with these roasts, the advantage of George Restaurant is that the meat is roasted on the charcoal, not on an electric spit like most other taverns. Roast meat is always fresh and is only served after 8pm.
The tavern is not open all day, but around lunch from 12 to 4 p.m. and after 6 p.m. up to midnight. A portion of roast is about 9€, and homemade wine is served at the tavern. Restaurant prices are acceptable. A portion of chicken costs €6, for example.

Loukoulos Restaurant is one of those that has dishes from more modern Greek cuisine on its menu. The restaurant is located on site at Hotel Potos, so while you wait for your order, you can enjoy the pool. And in this restaurant, your bill will be reduced by 10% if you refer to us.

Annas Star Hotel, on the beach in Potos, approves a 10% discount at its beach bar, and if you call us and order something, you can also use the hotel’s swimming pool.) on the beach in Potos, approves a 10% discount at its beach bar, and if you refer to us and order something, you can also use the hotel’s swimming pool.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a drink at a café or coffee on the coast or on sun loungers on the beach in Potos, visit the Anonymos Beach Bar, which also offers to you a 10% discount on orders.


Theologos is famous for its lamb and there is almost no tourist who does not go there to try the specialty for which the island is famous. The most famous restaurant is Iatrou (Kleoniki), where our guests receive a 10% discount on the total bill. Tavern owner Kostas is as famous as lamb in Theologos.


Whether you’re on your holidays in Pefkari or in Potos, you can enjoy a nice atmosphere and delicious food at the Kapahi Tavern in Pefkari. Tavern owners offers our guests a 5% discount.

Restaurants with discounts in Limenaria

On the promenade in Limenaria there are two excellent places where you can eat gyros, one opposite the other. They have fans of their own, and we have provided you with discount for both.
The first is the Aegean gyros, famous for the inscription of Knez Mihailova on the shop. Aegean gyros grants you a 10% discount on your order.
Right across that place is the Gyros Hello, owned by the famous Serbian-speaking Djole. In Hello, you’re also welcome here on two giros you get a free pancake.

Located in a small harbour, To Limani Fish Tavern is known for its seafood specialties and fresh fish. Like all fish taverns, this one has slightly higher prices than taverns that offer meat and barbecue, but if you want to try fresh fish in the tavern to Limani you’ll get a 10% discount on the total bill.

Family Tavern Pirofani, on Trypiti Beach in Limenaria, approves a 10% discount for our guests. Here you can combine bathing on a nice beach and lunch in a good tavern and pleasant ambience.

Skala Kalirahi

Right on the shore, with beautiful sunsets in Skala Kalirahi, you can enjoy the To Palio Klisma Tavern. This tavern offers seafood specialties and fresh fish, and we have provided our guests with a 10% discount on the bill.


Glyfoneri beach, along with the same tavern, is a true hidden paradise on the island of Thasos. Tucked away in pine trees, this beach and tavern are a favorite place for many families. If you mention to the owners when you arrive or pay the bills that you are Nikana’s guests or members of the Live from Greece group, you will receive a free dessert or 1/2l of wine.


The island’s capital city offers a wide range of cafés and restaurants, and we have provided discounts in several of the most popular.

Taverna Symi is maybe at the most picturesque place in Limenas, in the old harbour. This restaurant reduces menu prices by 10% for our guests.

Island beach bar is located on the city beach and offers a 10% discount to our guests.

According to tourist reviews, the best souvlaki and other barbecue meats in Limenas you can try at the Souvlike fast food restaurant in Limenas. A 10% discount can be obtained between 12:00 and 6:00 p.m.

They say Panos place in Limenas offers one of the best gyros on Thasos. This restaurant offers one fizzy drink (330ml) per ordered gyros.

Golden beach

Thalassa taverna is currently number one of the tourists’ choice on Golden Beach and you, as our guests, will receive a 10% discount on your first visit to this tavern and for each next visit, coffee and fruits free of charge.

If you want to enjoy your meal right on the shore, right next to the sandy beach and the beautiful sea, you’ll get free ice cream or sweets at the end of a delicious meal at the Sotiris Tavern.

Save this picture with a discount list or discount card, and certainly follow this blog post before or during your holiday in Thasos because there is a good chance we will expand this list.

If you plan to extend your holiday and go to Sithonia or one of your friends is holidaying there, check out the discount list in this region as well.

Sithonia Discount List

Discounts in Northern Macedonia

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