After we announced the discounts on Thasos, you wrote to us and wondered if there would be something similar in Sithonia, and since we negotiated parallel with the restaurants in this district, here is the list for it.

We have also provided discounts in Northern Macedonia, and see more HERE.

So far, over 20 partners in Sithonia have approved a discount for all of you who follow our fb page and group NikanaTravel and Live from Greece, as well as the Instagram page and it is enough to show this card from picture and that you are member in one of this groups mentioned above.

In order to keep up to date with discounts, we share a list of restaurants that have approved discounts as well as what discounts include, and soon we’ll write a few words about each restaurant.

List of Nikana discounts in Sithonia


O gyros tis Nikitis fast food restaurant, 5% discount only for portions, not for gyros pies and sandwiches; The restaurant is right on the promenade.

Akrogiali fish tavern prepared, for anyone who refer to Nikana and Live from Greece 10% discount; The restaurant is close to the dock and you can eat delicious seafood and hot hors d’oeuvres.

Neos Marmaras

Tonis fish tavern on Agia Kiriaki Beach, will provide quality ice cream dessert; Tell that you are member of Nikana before/during ordering a lunch. It is located on a lesser-known beach in a natural setting, surrounded by pine forests and it’s very peaceful.

Tucan pizzeria and restaurant approves a 10% discount, for minimum 20€ order; This restaurant also has a good lunch offer. You can choose from 4 cooked dishes (pasta, Greek meatballs (keftedakia), stuffed peppers (Greek-style - meat-free), Greek moussaka), salad, one fizzy drink and dessert. The price of this “package” is app. 8€. The Tucan restaurant also organizes Greek evenings, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pauls tavern in the village of Parthenonas above Neos Marmaras gives 10% discount. The tavern is located in an extremely beautiful place, in the ethno village of Parthenonas. The tavern offers beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. If you like places like this, away from the town and crowed, with nice views, I believe you’ll enjoy it here.


Asteris Giros approves a 5% discount on the account for purchased gyros.

Barracuda Beach Bar will give discount on cocktails. The price of cocktails for anyone who refer to Nikana and Live from Greece is 8€ instead of 9 and 10€ which is regular price;

Leon Tavern gives a 10% discount.


Maistrali restaurant - 10% discount, you need to show Nikana membership in a beginning and preferably pay in cash; If you want to dine in peace, with a nice view of Sarti and try a slightly more modern version of Greek dishes, the Maistrali restaurant can be a good choice. We just want to point out that between 2:30 and 6:00 p.m., they have a break and the restaurant is down.

Lauer House fish tavern- offers as well 10% discount;

Restaurant Kotsaris offers a dessert after the meal.

Porto Koufo

Nikos fish tavern - 10% discount on the entire account;


Melia approves 10% discount for an account higher than €50. It’s a restaurant serving modern Greek dishes.

Click here and you can read more about the best restaurants in Sithonia.

Save this picture with a list of discount or discount card, and certainly follow this blog post before or during your holiday in Sithonia because there is a good chance we will expand this list.