Tourists love Greece because they feel like at home there. There are no strict rules, it is safe for both, adults and children, you are not paying entrance to the beaches, and no one will drag you for a sleeve to buy something.

Yet, there are some rules you need to respect.

If the accommodation you booked in the yard has a swimming pool and a bar, it is usually not allowed to bring your own food and drink and even water from the room. The pool bar is a café and a “shop”, so like in any other cafe, it is rude to bring your own beverages and food. If you do so, the owners will probably warn you.

A similar case is in beach bars. If you use sunbeds on the beach, you are obligated to pay them or order a drink. It is not allowed to bring your own drink, and in some bars, your own water and food, including fruits. The best is to ask before you lay on sunbeds, to not put yourself in unpleasant situation.

In the accommodation there is usually a house rule that prohibits swimming in the pool between 14h and 17h and after 20h or 21h.

I is not allowed to go to supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores only in a swimsuit, and in restaurants of luxury hotels you can not enter even in shorts, but only in longer bermuda shorts or pants.

There are no strict parking rules in summer resorts, but when the season starts, you need to be careful and not park at places where you can make a traffic by leaving your car. This is especially rule for the main streets and street where is traffic always. Often during the season, and especially in August, the greek police is removing license plates from illegally parked cars. If something like that happens to you, the penalty is 80e and it is paid in the post office. If you pay the penalty within 5 days, half of he penalty is reduced.

It happens that guests use the faucet in the yard of the villa to wash their car. This practice is not at all acceptable, even if owner feels uncomfortable to tell you . First of all, during the summer even watering gardens is prohibited due to limited amounts of water, and if all tourists would wash their cars on the street or in the yards, there would be a general shortage of water.

One of the major problems that owners have with their guests is the habit of leaving the air conditioner turned on while they are on the beach. Air conditioner can cool down one studio or apartment in minutes, so there is no need to be turned on all day so that your temperature can be great when you get back from the beach. If the air conditioners in all apartments were turned on all day, the owner would not be able to pay even electricity, not to mention the negative ecological aspect of this behavior.

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