We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia.
Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance.
What we would put under the list “try for sure” is described in the following text.

Best restaurants and tavernas in Sarti

In Sarti, we would point out the tavern Paidiko Sxoleio. It is located in the city center, you will find it easily, it is decorated in the typical Greek style. On the map is marked as Old School.
The tavern is small, consisted of three parts, but the most beautiful is the hidden one, behind, like a small garden. Small restaurant, and always full, mostly with locals. That says enough about quality of this place.
What we recommend to try are various sea food dishes, but they also have great meat dishes. You should not miss the appetizers too, typical for Greek tavern.

Let’s get started. If you are a fan of cheese, you will be delighted with the taste of saganaki cheese (kind of fried cheese), tirokafteri spread (cheese mixed with chilly paprika), but also bougiourdi that we always mention (feta cheese with vegetables and olive oil, baked in earthen vessel, but here they also add typical Greek pasta in the shape of rice). If you like to experiment with salads, then we recommend you to try any other salad and not the Greek one. From the seafood dishes, try htapodi swte, grilled octopus in the sauce, very juicy and tasty. Sea food risotto is also very well prepared. If you prefer meat dishes, then we recommend very delicious lamb.
The prices in this tavern are very decent so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Tavern Ta Vrahakia, located at the very end of the beach (in its northern part) is distinguished primarily by its position. It is located in a very nice place, right by the sea, and some tables are set on the sand. From the garden there is a beautiful view of the rocks, bays and Holy Mountain. The restaurant itself has decent prices and good service. The quality of food is also good, and here we recommend you try the fresh fish that the staff will clean and serve it to you. Our favorite fish is sea bass or lavraki in Greek. If you want a real romantic summer dinner by the sea and hot breeze, Ta Vrahakia is a perfect choice.

If you are a pizza fan, try it in Piazza Venetia in Sarti Square. For 10e you will get a thin-crust pizza that is for one person with a better appetite, but it has a top taste. Beside pizzas, here you can order excellent cannelloni with ground meat whose portion also costs 10e, but it is smaller. In any case, if you appreciate more quantity than quality, then at every step you can find regular, Greek pizzas at a lower price, and they are also delicious.

And of course, the famous Italian ice cream on the same square in Sarti should be tasted, because it is certainly one of the most delicious ice cream you will ever try.

The famous Maistrali restaurant on the hill, in Sarti, which has a beautiful sea view and has a slightly higher price than the average restaurants in the city. The service is really very professional, the portions are large, the view is beautiful and the food is delicious and very beautifully decorated. It is certainly worth a visit, but only after the above mentioned restaurants.

Best restaurant in Sykia

If you want to bring your girlfriend or family to a restaurant with a nice and romantic atmosphere then visit Sykia and the restaurant 5 steps in the sand in the evening. It is best to drive there during the sunset, when the sky blushes, and the sea gets a pink shade. Ideally, you should put together visit of one of the phenomenal beaches in Sykia, Klimataria or Tigania beach, for example, and dinner in this restaurant.
The restaurant itself has a beautiful garden right by the sea in several levels. The view towards the sea and the Holy Mountain is enchanting. During the warm evenings, there you will enjoy delicious seafood, but also meat specialties.

The best restaurant/tavern in Porto Kuf is also the best restaurant in Sithonia

Still, according to us, the best fish restaurant in the south of Sithonia is Tzitzikas in Porto Koufo. Since there is such a selection of fish and seafood, so we didn’t try meat specialties, but we do not doubt that they are equally good. Tzitzikas is located in the very center of the place, by the port, if this place can be said to have a center. During the high season, it happens that in this restaurant you have to wait for the table. The service is really top and the job is supervised by the owners, two brothers, who keep everything perfectly under control. Their grandfather started the business, and they proudly continue it with the same level of responsibility. Be sure to try fresh fish. We always order a sea bass or lavraki on Greek, so you can try it too.
Except fresh fish, stuffed squids are also excellent, but also fantastic mussels (midia ahnista) that are prepared in two ways, and we like it when they prepare them with wine, oil and garlic, so we recommend that way. These are mussels in the shell. In addition to this, excellent salad with rocket, green salad and balsamic, and as an appetizer kolokitokeftedes (zucchini balls in combination with tzatziki). I believe that everybody who visited this restaurant is satisfied, so it should be the first restaurant to visit.

Restaurants in Porto Koufo are widely known for their excellent fish and seafood specialties, so I do not believe that you can make a mistake in this place, but our recommendation is Tzitzikas, then Bukadura along the main road, where besides fresh fish, you should try mussels in sauce (midia saganaki).

The best restaurants and taverns in Neos Marmaras

Restaurants in Neos Marmaras did not impress us. The food is average, and the prices are a bit higher than in Sarti. If you love the fancy atmosphere and, therefore, a bit more expensive, then visit the famous Okyalos located in the very center of the city. It is a very good restaurant with delicious fish and, as we already said, higher prices. Sometimes we also like to visit some expensive restaurant to taste specialties, but besides so many good restaurants with decent prices, they are not on our list of priorities.

If you would like to try traditional Greek, cooked dishes, visit the restaurant Dimitri. It is located right across the supermarket Lidl, at the first entrance to Neos Marmaras (in Paradisos area). Every day on the menu there are more than twenty domestic, freshly cooked dishes. Meal prices are around 9e per serving.

Excellent pancakes in Neos Marmaras can be eaten at creperie Bro on the main street. There you can try a waffle with Kinder Bueno or Nutella spread and biscuit.

Perhaps the most famous giros in Sithonia is Alcano in Neos Marmaras. It is located on the main street, you can not miss it if you walk through Marmaras, and you can recognize it by the crowd. Giros is really good, but we visited Alcano three times and all the three times we waited for half an hour to serve us and decided not to go there any more. Maybe you will be more lucky than us. We replaced Alcano with gyros Port, located in the next square and we are satisfied.

Near Neos Marmaras there is another restaurant that is well-known and more expensive, but in a beautiful surrounding. We would like to come back there, first of all because of the place where it is located and because of very pleasant atmosphere, but also because of the food itself. It’s a restaurant O Panos. It is located in a small bay in the area Agia Kiriaki. You will reach it by driving from Neos Marmaras to Toroni about 7km, and then you will see a sign for Saint George Hotel or Areti Camping. Turn there and drive to the coast, then turn left and along the coast, after 3km you’ll reach the restaurant O Panos.
This restaurant is on the way to the famous Las Bandidas bar on Stiladario Beach. The restaurant has a large garden which is mostly in the shade. It’s nice to step by during the sunset. In front of the restaurant there is a beach and a dock for which the boats are tied. It is often visited by tourists from Kassandra, like a part of an organized excursion, but also by tourists from all over the region of Sithonia. You should also visit it and enjoy the fish and seafood. It would be nice if you combine the visit to the restaurant with a trip to the beach Agia Kiriaki or Las Bandidas and wait for the sunset in the garden of the restaurant.

If you are candy lovers, do not miss to try the cake from the famous Estia pastry shop, which can be bought at the Aroma pastry shop in Neos Marmaras. It is located next to giros Alcano. Our favorite cake is chocolate heart, but everything else is great, including cakes. Sweets are fantastic.

If you love romance and authentic Greek villages, visit the village Parthenonas, located a few kilometers from Neos Marmaras. In the tavern Paul you can enjoy nice food, even better view and homemade wine.

Best restaurants in Ormos Panagias

Our love on the first sight was the fish tavern Aristos in Ormos Panagias. It is located on the very shore and here you always have to order fish. We, as always, order the sea bass (lavraki) and we recommend it to everyone. From salads it is always something with a rocket or a green salad, zucchini (kolokitokeftedes). The tavern is located next to the turquoise sea, you can also choose a table set on the sand, and with delicious food, you have a view of the small port in Ormos Panagias. If you visit the tavern in the afternoon, you can also watch the tourist boats coming back from the Holy Mountain. This tavern is nice to be combined with a visit to one of the beautiful beaches in the surrounding of Ormos Panagias, like Trani Ammouda (Livrochio), Lagonisi, Talgo

Near Ormos Panagias and Vourvourou, there is a traditional village Agios Nikolaos. The village is worth a visit in the evening hours, not before 7pm and take a walk to the square where the locals gather, as well as tourists. In a pleasant atmosphere you can sit in one of the restaurants on the square. We recommend the restaurant Aggelos. The weekends are more crowded then weekdays. In the above mentioned restaurant you can try lamb and a few more barbecue specialties.

The best restaurants, taverns and gyros in Nikiti

The best pizzeria in Nikiti is Nel Fuoco on the promenade. The largest pizza, 50cm in diameter costs 18€. You can choose and change the ingredients of the pizza by yourself, for example you can replace the gauda with mozzarella and so on. The service is fast and professional, and the location is excellent.

Arsanas is the best restaurant in Nikiti. It’s on the promenade. It has a “more modern” menu than taverns, it is more expensive and visited from May to October. This restaurant is chosen by those to whom quality of service, ambience, food, wine are very important. This restaurant is perfect for romantic and family dinners due to pleasant lighting, slow, selected music and tables that can be placed on the sand, on the beach itself. During the season, it is usually necessary to reserve a table in advance for the evening hours.

The best local dishes in Nikiti are offered by Kazanis restaurant. It is located on the beach itself, when you go from the center, along the beach, to the Saint George cafe. They really always have freshly prepared home-made, traditional dishes, but it often happened that we either waited too long or saw some mistake on the bill, so we recommend this restaurant with a little hesitation, just in case. Otherwise, the restaurant is very popular and fully occupied.

Akrogiali 2 restaurant is considered to be the best seafood restaurant in Nikiti. It is always very visited, the service is fast, and the fish is fresh and the rest of the food is delicious. We often stop by this tavern, for light appetizers. We recommend that you try zucchini meatballs served with Tzatziki and grilled cheese from the island of Chios. The portions are quite large.

When we want a meal in peace, without a big crowd in an ordinary tavern by the sea, then we visit the Blue Sea tavern. It is located just outside the center, when you head towards Saint George beach, in front of the Kazanis restaurant. It is a small tavern, right by the sea, with typically Greek blue and white colors. The food in this tavern is quite decent, the prices as well. Here we usually order grilled sardines, grilled squid, excellent risotto with seafood, fried zucchini. We are not thrilled with Bujurdi. Portions are smaller.

If you want to try gyros, we think that the best Gyros is Nikitis, not the popular Giromania.
There is also another small fast food shop, which is not located on the promenade, so it is not popular among tourists, but it is among the locals. It’s called Ψο Ψηστήρι (To Psistiri) and it has a good barbecue. We definitely order pancetta here. The locals also like burgers and sausages, but they are not completely to our taste due to some spices, so they do not suit us, but you can definitely try them. This shop is located in a street that is parallel to the promenade, somewhere in the middle of the street.

In Nikiti is recently opened a small pastry shop offering only homemade ice cream, and it is more than excellent. The patisserie is called Ksylaki and it is located in the second street from the sea, on the corner, very close to the dock. Try this ice cream, it’s really great. Owners say that ice cream is made only from natural ingredients.

Lamb in Sithonia - Metagici village

Many ask us for good lamb in Sithonia, but it is not characteristic of Sithonia as of Thassos, although there is one great tavern with excellent lamb. It is located in the traditional village of Metagitsi, which you can reach through Metamorfosi. The tavern is called Klimataria and lamb, goatling and pork roasted meat is on menu in the early evening, and on the weekend, live music is organized. They also have other barbecue specialties, but also seafood and fish.

Pirgadikia is located between Sithonia and Atos, it is a bit further away from other places in Sithonia, often bypassed. This little fishing village is famous for its good fish taverns. We can not recommend a specific tavern, but you can visit some and recommend it to us :)

In Sithonia we did not visit all the taverns and restaurants, but we visited many multiple times, and in this text we recommended you only those that we have visited many times and where we were always satisfied.

If you decide to spend your summer in Sithonia, you can find a very large and high-quality offer HERE.

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