The area of Thessaloniki is highly popular for buying property.

There are several places that stand out based on recommendations from our people.

First and foremost is Perea, as it offers numerous advantages for a family vacation and even longer stays or living, especially due to its proximity to Thessaloniki and accessibility to Thessaloniki transportation. Here are a few key aspects that make Perea attractive:

  1. Accessibility: Perea is close to Thessaloniki, with good transportation connections including buses and boats. This allows for easy travel to the city and exploration of the wider area.
  2. Urban Amenities: Being a developed area, Perea offers all necessary urban amenities such as medical clinics, pharmacies, and various shops. The large Papageorgiou Hospital in Thessaloniki is also relatively close, which is important for longer stays.
  3. Peaceful and Secure Environment: The place is peaceful and safe, making it ideal for families who want to feel at home.
  4. Beach and Sea: Although Perea’s beach may not compare to the beauties of Sithonia, it has a blue flag and is not polluted. The sea is warm and calm, and the swimming season lasts long. The beach has a long shallow part, sometimes with more or less seaweed.
  5. Promenade and Entertainment: Perea’s promenade is full of taverns and cafes that can satisfy different tastes. In recent years, much has been renovated, making the place even more attractive. Perea is known as a place with the best fish taverns in the Thessaloniki area.
  6. Location and Proximity to Other Places: With an airport about 15 km away and Thessaloniki 30 km away, Perea has a good location.
  7. Wintertime Living: Perea is lively during winter, with the presence of local residents and students, so it doesn’t feel deserted outside the summer season.
  8. Proximity to Sithonia: From Perea to Sithonia, it takes about one to two hours, depending on the destination in Sithonia. This allows for easy planning of day trips to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.
  9. Traffic in Perea: Perea is generally a calm place, with less congestion, even during the summer months. Traffic jams are minimal, except perhaps on weekends, which allows for a pleasant and relaxed stay.
  10. Beaches and Comforts: At the beaches in Perea, sun loungers are usually not charged, except maybe in the front row by the sea in some cafes. This further contributes to the relaxed atmosphere of the place and makes it appealing for vacations and longer stays.

All these characteristics make Perea an ideal place for those seeking a combination of peaceful relaxation with proximity to urban areas and the beauty of Sithonia’s natural beaches.

For more information about Perea, read our article here:

Agia Triada and Epanomi are places that are in the same line with Perea and are practically connected. You can go from one to another along the beach. Agia Triada and Epanomi are a good choice for buying property if you prefer very peaceful places.

  1. Agia Triada: Connected to Perea by a promenade, Agia Triada stands out with its more beautiful beach. Agia Triada is a peaceful and small place. It is empty during winter. Bus number 72 goes to Thessaloniki. The ticket price is 50 cents one way. You can also visit Thessaloniki by a taxi boat from Perea, which runs throughout the day.
  2. Epanomi Paralia: Epanomi is a very peaceful place, without many amenities but with the most beautiful beach in the Thessaloniki area. It is ideal for those who prefer places for relaxation and unwinding outside of major tourist areas.

Nea Iraklia is also a place that our people recommend for buying property. It is a small and peaceful place. Read first-hand experiences with buying property in Nea Iraklia and a few other places by clicking on the link: How to buy an apartment or house by the sea in Greece - experiences.

Each of these places offers unique advantages, depending on what you are looking for - whether it is the liveliness and accessibility of Perea or the peace and tranquility offered by the other places. Before buying property, we recommend visiting these places to get a better understanding of their atmosphere and the amenities they offer.

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