Peraia is a suburb of Thessaloniki, only 25km away from the city center. The town is famous for its beach that spreads for several kilometers, with restaurants, tavernas and bars and along the entire beach, and, of course, a promenade where you can stroll for hours.

Neoi Epivates is connected with Perea and their promenades are connected, and Agia Triada is also nearby. There’s a daily boat from Peraia to the center of Thessaloniki. The ride takes 35 minutes and it costs 3e per person in one direction. There’s also a city bus to Thessaloniki on every half an hour, and the ticket price is 1-2e. The first bus station is at the Cosmos shopping centre and a few more before the city center.

Halkidiki is only 50km away, so you can use a vacation in Perea to visit and enjoy beautiful beaches on Sithonia and Kassandra.

If you like shopping, Ikea, Jumbo and the largest shopping centre in Thessaloniki, Cosmos, are a few minutes by car away.

Peraia has plenty of supermarkets and shops, including the famous Greek chain Masoutis and Lidl. You will not miss a thing during the vacation in Peraia because it’s well supplied, and besides grocery stores, there’s plenty of fast-food restaurants, taverns, boutiques, fantastic pastry shops and excellent bakeries. It’s famous for fish restaurants with a very long tradition, so the Solunians are also visiting it for fresh fish in taverns, during the summer and winter, because Peraia is a city that’s active throughout the year.

As the airport is close, this town is also attractive to people arriving by plane. There are more and more newcomers, not only the Greeks looking for a peaceful place to live, but also a lot of foreigners with Serbs among them. Peraia has five primary and several secondary schools, as well as an American college.

There’s plenty of content for demanding tourists, and the proximity of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki is a special advantage of this place.

The beach in Peraia is, as we have said, very long, with wide and narrow parts and fine sand. The sand is dark, so the sea has not a turquoise note like in Halkidiki. The sand can be lifted and mist the water when it’s windy, and sometimes the sea brings seaweed. However, the water is mostly clean and transparent, especially in a low season, but never turquoise.

If you’re not too demanding about the sea itself, Peraia can be a good choice for your holiday, especially if you want to spend it near Serbia and Thessaloniki.

Here’s the experience of one of our guests:

“This year I spent my holiday in Peraia, literally 10km from the airport in Thessaloniki, it’s a town, not a Greek village, and the whole place is filled with restaurants, shops, pharmacies, bakeries, shops, I even came upon a Volcano bookstore and an amusement park. There’s nothing you can miss during a vacation. It’s about 25km away from the center of Thessaloniki, with a boat going from Peraia to the White Tower and Thessaloniki port every hour. The ticket is only 3e per person, so it’s the perfect way to visit Thessaloniki without having to use your car. It has a town beach, not crystal-clear, but the sea is clean. The sunbeds and parasols are not charged at all, you only have to buy a drink if you want to use them. The beach looks like a big walkway, with taverns, bars, hotels on one side and the beach on the other. Believe me, I had been running away from the continental part of Greece, but here I really rested for the first time in my life because Peraia simply has everything you need, and an excellent connection with Thessaloniki so it’s ideal for those who travel by plane as well as for those who go by car. The taxi from the airport to Peraia costs 17e.”

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