A dozen families that I expected were returned from the border because of the expired children’s passports. Children’s passports, according to the applicable law, are valid for only 2 years. Many parents, knowing that they recently got their children’s passports, hit the road not knowing that they would be returned from the border.
I think that it is the worst nightmare when you after so many rides realize that you have to go back. Most of them are on the road on Fridays or Saturdays, so after returning to Serbia they can only submit a request for a new passport on Monday, followed by a few days of waiting, and the annual vacation is done, the paid vacation is slowly smaller and smaller so you lose half of your vacation and you have to pay if you want the owners to still keep the room for you. Some owners were more tolerant especially at the beginning of the season, so they let the customers spend the vacation later for the same amount of money, but many, especially those who were all sold out, strictly followed the agreed terms.So before you leave, be sure to check out the children’s passports.
As you know, robberies on Thassos are very rare, but they happen. This summer, one family for which I helped to find the accommodation was robbed. How? People were sleeping with the open door on the terrace, on the ground floor of the villa. The thief entered the open door, took the camera and the phone and went, and people did not even notice that it happened.
They become aware of the robbery only when the room was filled with mosquitoes, as the thief raised the mosquito net when entering the room. So, during the night, do not leave around the open door on the terrace on the ground floor and on the high ground, because you can never know who will pass by the villa and decide to visit you :-) Now all the doors have a mechanism by which they can only be blasted so you can use it for ventilation during the night.

One guest from Serbia had a serious accident on the sunbed. Although the finger can be hurt on ordinary sunbeds, those massive, quality sunbeds (which are often found near pools of luxury hotels) are much more dangerous. In fact, all of us often want to adjust the position of the backrest when we are lying on the sunbeds. Usually we do this by lifting our hands above the head and changing the tooth of the mechanism without rising from the sunnbed. It often happens that on this occasion the backrest suddenly descends and falls, the sunbed is straight, and we with our weight fall on, now, on the horizontal backrest.In most cases, you do not have time to pull your hand or your finger so it remains trapped between the teeth of the mechanism. This guest of mine has not just let his body weight crush his fingers on both hands, but he lost a finger.The teeth of mechanism cut the whole finger bone, and as they arrived at the hospital, there was no longer the possibility of finger being attached, so the man left the island with a very ugly memory, which would follow him all his life. So, never adjust the position of the backrest on the sunbed in this way, especially do not allow children to play with this mechanism.

When booking accommodation, either through an intermediary or directly, via Internet or phone, it is best to reserve only as many days as you are sure you will spend on vacation. If you want to stay a little longer, you will easily extend your on-site stay in your or any other accommodation, but if you decide to leave early, then you will have to pay for those days that you will not spend in the reserved facility. According to Greek law on tourism, if you arrive in reserved accommodation unit and don’t like where you are and nothing can be arranged, then you can go, but you wwill not get the deposit back. If you sleep just one night, but the next day you decide to leave the accommodation, then you are required to pay half of the remaining days before leaving the room where you spend the night. Even if you leave only one day before the reservation expires, you are obliged to pay half the value of the remaining day. Of course, all owners will not insist on it, nor be so strict, but it’s good to know this information when you are in a similar situation and know that the law is not on your side if you want to slip away even if you have a justified reason :).
If you cheated and you are not getting what you have requested, you have the right to appeal the tourist police, I have marked the number for you in the “useful phone numbers”, but I’m sure that the owner, in the case that he screwed up, will give in and give you back the money before something like that happens. It is understood that it is always better to try to solve the problem first without the intervention of the police. Given the crisis, I do not expect the Greeks will continue to forgive early departures without any compensation as they did in previous years.

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