[Parga] (https://nikana.gr/en/vodic/epir/mesta/2519/parga) is a small town where you can't get bored even if you spend the entire holiday there. However, since there is generally a lot of crowds on the city beach, you will definitely want some peace on a beach outside the city. If you like an active holiday, this is the reason why you should explore the Parga environment a little bit.

Right next to Pargu there is a popular beach [Valtos] (https://nikana.gr/en/vodic/epir/plaze/2524/valtos-plaza). You can visit it by foot or by taxi. In the same way, you can also visit the beaches of Lichnos, which is also a big beach but a little more quiet than Valtos. These two beaches are closest to Parga and are worth visiting. From other nearby beaches, visit [Sarakiniko] (https://nikana.gr/en/vodic/epir/plaze/2523/sarakiniko-plaza), [Alonaki Fanariou] (https://nikana.gr/sr/vodic/Epir/beach/2528/alonaki-fanariou-plaza), [Ammoudia] (https://nikana.gr/sr/vodic/epir/plaze/2527/ammoudia-plaza) and [Karavostasi] (https://nikana.Gr/en/vodic/epir/beach/2522/karavostasi-plaza).

Be sure to visit the famous Aheron River. You can take a walk by the river, ride horses.. We recommend that you rent a kayak and go down to Ammoudia beach. You will see otters, herons, beavers, water turtles and enjoy the quiet river and fantastic nature. Aheron is certainly one of the most interesting attractions around Parga.

In Parga you can walk to the Venetian fortress which is not interesting itself because it is not maintained, but it provides a great view of the entire Parga, the island and the Valtos beach. To reach Ali Pasha Fortress, the best option is to take a trolley.

Do not miss the organized excursion from Parga to Paksos and Antipaxos Island where the turquoise and crystal sea will leave you breathless.

If you wish, from Parga you can also go to cruise to Lefkada, Kefalonia or Corfu. In the city itself, you can visit the olive oil factory where you will have the opportunity to see in what ways olive oil has been harvested since ancient times until today. You can try different types of oils and of course buy if you want.

On your way back to Serbia we recommend that you visit the Meteora Monasteries