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Parga is the most popular place on the Ionian coast. It is 340km away from Thessaloniki. Parga is very picturesque city, located between Preveza and Igoumenitsa and is known for its beauty. Parga is one of the most popular tourist cities in the northwestern Greece. It is said that it...

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Kanali is a small town 10km away from Preveza. It is located on one of the longest beaches in Greece (about 13km), in the middle of the Gulf, and it is the only town that has developed at the coast, below the highway. The old town is above the...

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Vrachos and Loutsa

Places Vrachos and Loutsa are located both on the left and the right side of the same named beach, which spreads 3km between Parga and Preveza. The promeade is well arranged, clean, with nice decorated gardens of cafes and restaurants, with a lot of palm trees and flowers. There is...

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Preveza is the capital of the same named area in northwest Greece. Located on the Ionian coast, at the beginning of Amvrakikos (Abrakikos) bay that provides an opportunity for interesting cruises and observation of diverse wildlife. Preveza, besides the Igoumenitsa, is the largest city in Epirus and has a...

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Sivota is a small town on the Ionian coast 940km away from Belgrade. In last few years this resort has been increasingly popular because of the fantastic nature that surrounds it and the beautiful beaches in the vicinity. Sivota is chosen by tourists who prefer quiet resorts. It consists of...