The famous river Acheron (44km from Preveza) is named after god Aheron, who in Greek mythology is known as the god who guards the river of the underground. According to legend, the souls of the dead were transported to the other side of the river Acheron, to the god of the underground world Hades, and the goddess Thetis bathed her son Achilles in this river, holding him for heel, giving him immortality.

Today the Acheron River is an attraction for tourists, where they can try rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, fishing, but above all where they can enjoy the beautiful nature. The river itself has a beautiful, bright blue color, clean and clear water, it is very quiet and it is perfect for kayaking adventure. Kayak or a boat can be enjoyed by all ages as the ride is completely safe. You can take camera with you. Descending the riverbed of this calm river you can see beavers, otters, water turtles, herons, and you can take a swim, even though the water is very cold. Along the river there are several restaurants and cafes. You can explore the shore through organized trekking. You can organize a trip to the river yourself or book an excursion in some of the local travel agencies. You can combine walking to Ammoudia Beach, where you can rent a kayak and go with your guide to the source from where you will easily go down the river again to the beach and your car. It may still be a better option to go to the river with your car, then walk and choose one of the activities. The boat ride is about 6 € per person and lasts 10 minutes. Kayaking is 8 € per person. By the river there are several rafting clubs so it’s best to walk up to everyone and inquire about the prices and length of the ride.

The specialty of the restaurants along the river is river trout, which can be seen in the river itself.

Walking to the river takes fifteen minutes through the beautiful nature, and the last 5-10 minutes by a riverbed through a very cold and shallow water. The color of the water is gently blue or emerald green depending on the surrounding environment (high white rocks or trees).

By the river you can buy homemade products, souvenirs and honey, but also sandals for walking through the river which can be unpleasant because of the stones on the bottom.

You can use a trip to this river to visit the Nekromanteion, an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the god of the underworld, Hades. In it, the communication with dead souls took part, and visit to the crypts and corridors that led to the underground world can be exciting, especially if you get accustomed with legends. The price of the ticket is 8 € for adults and 4 € for children, which, in our opinion is too much for a few minutes of walk.

** Please do not book horse-riding through the river because the horses are mistreated and beaten in order for this riding to be possible. **