If it is your first time to spend your vacation on Thassos, we guess that you would like to visit the most beautiful beaches and the most popular places, actually the best of Thassos. if you are not a fan of long rides during a vacation, we have published two articles in which we have written what you can see if your accommodation is on the South and what you can see if it is on the North. Although, if you want to see the best of Thassos, then keep reading this article.

If you have small children and you like sandy beaches, we suggest you to visit Paradise Beach, Psili Ammos, Atspas, Glifoneri, Pachis, Notos, Roso Gremos, Golden beach and Aliki.

The beaches Roso Gremos and Notos are very close to each other, so they can be visited in one day, as well as Pachis beach and Glifoneri. From the popular beaches it is worth to visit La Scala which is well organized. Combined with fancy bar, small swimming pool and music it is unique experience. There is also Saliara, the beach which is worth to be visited because of the color of the sea.

From traditional villages we recommend the village Panagia, then Theologos. If you like to eat lamb, then you should try it in these villages. Iris, the factory of gold, next to Limenaria, is also very interesting place, not only for shopping but also as tourist attraction. Monastery of of St. Archangel Michael is a significant landmark on Thassos and it shouldn't be missed.

If you are swimmers and you like isolated and less crowded beaches, then we recommend you to visit Kekes, Metalia, Pefkari, Trypiti, Livadi, Arsanas.

If you like traditional villages, except Panagia and Theologos, you should also visit Kazaviti and Maries. The village Maries you can visit in the evening hours and step by in the restaurant Petsas where you can listen the traditional music on bouzouki, in the authentic Greek atmosphere.

In the evening hours, we recommend you to visit Limenas and take a walk in the old harbour.

If you are a fan of sea food, then you should visit the fish restaurant San Antonio in Potos, and if you want to try a sea fish then you should visit the restaurant Armeno in Skala Marion. The specialties of international cuisine, with fantastic view on the beach Golden beach, you can try in the restaurant Vigli on Golden beach. The homemade lamb, prepared in clay pot amongst live coals, you can try in the traditional village Kazaviti.