During your stay in Parga you don’t need to limit your adventure to the city limits, although the Paragraea Olive Oil Factory tours and traveling inland are highly suggested, perhaps going further out onto the water is what you are looking for.

There are many organized excursions that will take you out onto the blue water and a short boat trip of approximately 1.5 hours can deliver you upon the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, the perfect destination to relax and explore the charming villages and quaint backstreets of the Ionian Islands.We highly recommend traveling to the Blue Caves of Ortholitho on the Island of Paxos where you can experience the finest secrets of the Mediterranean Sea and have the possibility of spotting dolphins, among many other sea creatures, and the opportunity to jump in swim for a swim.

Depending on the agency or transportation a basic chartered excursion to the Blue Caves, Paxos, and Antipaxos will begin around 25 EUR - 35 EUR but be sure to check with different agencies because exploring the variety of options available is essential.

You can also take a similar trip to the island and towns of Corfu which is home to several UNESCO-listed sites, old fortresses, castles and a series of interesting museums which illustrate the multi-cultural history dating back to the 8th century B.C Homer’s Oddyssey. This can be done in a few different ways. You can begin by booking directly with an agency and hop on a chartered boat experiencing the southern approach through the channel between Corfu and Paxos. Each agency provides different itineraries so it would be wise to consult each agency to find out details. You can expect the cost of this type of guided tour to begin around 45e per individual. If you are traveling without the help of an agency or tour group from Parga to Corfu you will need to begin your trip by first traveling to Igoumenitsa where you will board one of the daily ferries to Corfu. The three common modes of transportation to Igoumenitsa include taking a taxi, bus or rental. You can take the bus and to Igoumenitsa for 5-7e and similarly from Igoumenitsa to Parga, keep in mind that the buses run twice a day, one in the early morning and in the early afternoon, and they don’t run on weekends.
Alternatively, you can book a taxi to or from Igoumenitsa at any time of the day for approximately 50e and can have the driver to drop you off at the ferry port. If you are traveling with a large group or if you would like to spend more time in Corfu the option to rent a vehicle to drive to Igoumenitsa is available. This is a good idea if you would like to bypass the limited bus schedule and taxi rides, you can even take the vehicle on the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Corfu.
As you see, there a few different options for this excursion, and for those who want to travel to Corfu Island by boat there is always the option to rent out of Parga.