The boat cruise is a very popular way to learn more about Thassos.

Boats that take a maximum of 60 people depart from Limenaria and Potos around 9am and the arrival is around 5pm.

You will have fun during the cruise, see Giola (natural pool carved into the rocks), monastery, Aliki beach, wild bays. Also, you will fishing, have lunch, jump from the boat, swim in a crystal clear water, hang out with other people, listen to the music, sunbathe - all in all, enjoy. If you are lucky, you can see the dolphins.

The price of the boat cruise is around 25e per person. The price includes breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served right upon boarding the ship (tea and coffee, jam, butter).

If there is no wind or waves, the boat sails towards Aliki and the first “stop” is Arsanas beach bellow the monastery of Archangel Michael. Swimming in the sea at this beach is a true pleasure because the water is very clean, transparent and the color is emerald.The boat does not dock right at the beach or take the passengers there, but it stops about 30m from the beach, so people can jump in the water for a swim. There are stairs on the boat to get in the water without jumping and life vests for non-swimmers. The water where the boat stops is 2m deep.

Time on the boat till the first stop can be spent freely, the choice is yours. There’s shade on the boat for the ones that don’t like to sunbathe.On the way to Arsanas, you will see Giola, a natural pool carved into the rocks.

After half an hour that is predicted for a swim on the Arsanas beach,the boat goes forward, towards Aliki, which is 15 minutes away. On this beach, you will get 2 hours that can be spent accordingly to tourists’ wishes. There are restaurants and cafes on the beach and there’s also enough time to visit the other side of Aliki, and also an archaeological site and small chapel carved into the rock. Aliki is one of the most popular beaches on Thassos with the surreal beauty of the water.

After 2 hours spent on Aliki, the boat docks for the passengers to board because in the meantime - lunch is being served (souvlaki, salad, juices and wine).

After lunch and wine, with the traditional greek music, the atmosphere on the boat becomes more relaxed. Aliki is the farthest point of the cruise and after the lunch, the boat heads back to Potos and Limenaria. It makes one more stop for fishing and one for swimming. The stop for fishing lasts half and hours and the young ones seem to enjoy it the most. Fishing gear is provided on the boat.
The last stop for swimming is usually near some beautiful, wild cove.

Most often, according to our guests, a day spent on the boat cruise is the most beautiful day they spent in the summer holidays. It is nice to tour the island by car but by boat is a completely different experience.

At the peak of the season, boats depart nearly every day from Potos and Limenaria. There are three boats.Tickets for boat cruising can be bought in our agency in Potos, right across the church.

Boats from Limenas also depart at 9am. One of the mandatory stops is beautiful and wild beach Vathy, maybe the most beautiful beach on the island. On the cruise, you can see the famous Marble Beach and Porto Vati. Also, you pass by other popular beaches, and one of them is Makryammos. There’s an option of boat cruise around the entire island and this cruise is a bit more expensive, about 50e per person.

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