If you were in doubt about making a decision on whether to travel to Lefkada with your own car, and at the same time you want to hear our advice, we consider it to be one of the best options of transportation, both while on the island and for coming to the island as well.

If you do not have your own car, or you think that your car is not good enough for such a long journey, what is left is to use a local bus for traveling the island, or to rent a bicycle, a motorcycle, a quad or a car.

If you feel you are an experienced driver, there will be no problem for you to drive on Lefkada. If you avoid driving from one side to the other side of the island over the mountain and hold on to the main road, driving around the island will be pleasant even for less experienced drivers, unrelated to the type of vehicle. You will have some more troubles if you use the shortcuts over the hill, by any type of transport, because the roads are very narrow and in width and there is usually space for just one vehicle, they are extremely winding with rapid rises and steep slopes. You can generally expect a slightly worse road to the southwest of the island, on the roads which connect the village of Athani and Vasiliki. Hilly road is also on the Lefkas - Tsoukalades - Pefkoulia route, while the straightest road along the east coast is in the Lefkas - Nidri - Vasiliki move. Some of the roads that lead to the beaches are dirt roads or split with pebbles or rocks, which were never been arranged or they are damaged in numerous earthquakes, so if you do not want to sweat and risk, it is worth considering which transport is best to choose to visit them.

Bus transport is the most frequent on the Lefkas-Nidri route and has over 15 departures during the day, as well as Lefkas-Agios Nikitas which has half the number of departures. A bit more rarely, public transport goes to Vasiliki with around 6 daily departures. To other places, both the beach and the villages, the bus goes on average 1-3 times a day, which is enough if you are well organized. You can follow current driving schedules on the official website of KTEL Lefkadas. Note that the schedule is different on weekdays, on Saturdays and on Sundays.

When it comes to rent-a-car, the largest number and most affordable rent-a-car agencies are located in Nidri and then in Vasiliki.
More about rent-a-car agencies on Lefkada you can find here.