We believe that the best way to experience Lefkada is if you during your vacation have a car.
If you come to Lefkada by organized transport and you still wish to visit the island, we advise you to consider renting a car. According to many, Lefkada is demanding in terms of transportation, and according to our experience, driving around the island will be quite acceptable to drivers with average experience. It is a bit more demanding for motorcycles, so we would recommend this type of transport only to experienced riders. For cyclists, riding around the island can be a real challenge. We would recommend cyclists to stick only to the main roads and to walk to the more demanding beaches from the main roads. More about transportation on Lefkada you can find in our article.

When it comes to rent-a-car, the largest number and most affordable rent-a-car agencies are located in Nidri and then in Lefkas. If you want to avoid paying a deposit (what is required in most of the European agencies such as Avis, Europcar, Budget, Greenmotion….. ), on Lefkada you can rent cars in many local agencies. So far we had a good experience with car rental in Brumis who operate in Nidri and Ligia and Aris, who work in Lefkas. Motorcycles and bike renting we experienced in I love Santas who work in Nidri and Lefkas.

Car rental agencies are available in other places, such as Vasiliki, Agios Nikitas or Nikiana.

Keep in mind that it is possible to discuss for a better price, even better than the official price you will get for the number of days. In any case, it’s worth a try, and many owners recommend it themselves. To avoid discomfort, contact the agencies before arriving at the island, otherwise, you can easily find yourself in a situation to spend all day searching for any free car on the island, or you may be forced to rent a much more expensive car than what you planned. It should be noted that this rule applies to all islands throughout the season. The other useful information is that many agencies give 10% discounts for online bookings, so in case that saving money is important to you, considering this option is more than welcome.

Average car prices outside the season range around 25€ per day for a week and fewer motorcycles can be obtained for around 12€ a day for the same period. At the beginning of August, the price of a car per day for the same period is up to 50€, a motorcycle of up to 50 cubic meters is around 18€, while quad is around 10€ cheaper than cars.