Tsoukalades is a small village in the northwest of the island, about 5km from Lefkas. The village has retained a lot of authenticity, so here you can see houses built of stone, in the spirit of traditional architecture.

It is located along the main road connecting Lefkas and the western beaches of Lefkada. It is situated in a hill, at about 200m above sea level and surrounded by forests. It is about 3km away from one of the most famous beaches in the west, Pefkoulia Beach.

It is surrounded on both sides by two smaller beaches. To the north is the [Kaminia] beach (https://nikana.gr/en/vodic/lefkada/plaze/3299/kaminia-plaza) (2.5km) and to the south Gialou Scale (2.5km). Both beaches lead a long and steep, winding and narrow path.

In the village itself, and on the main road, there are few basic tourist facilities. There are several taverns, one bakery, mini-market and few bars.

About 2.5km north of Tsoukalades is the Phaneromeni, the oldest and largest monastery in Lefkada. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is the center of the island.