Sykia is one of the oldest villages on Sithonia, and certainly the biggest one. The settlers of this village are known for their unbreakable spirit and distinct mentality. Maybe this is the reason why they were some of the main participants of the uprising against the Turks in the northern Greece.The landscape in the surroundings of the village illustrates the local mentality. When you look at the rocky and dry surroundings without trees you get the impression that only the strongest can survive here.

Above the village, at the top of the hill that dominates the surroundings, are the remainings of an old fortified settlement. Some excavations indicate that it used to be the town rich with ore resources from the early iron age.

Although this village is not on the very coast, nearby Sithonia there are a few good beaches, among which is the beach with the same name Sykia, 3km away from and the bearer of the Blue Flag. This beach is really big, and it is very popular among campers. The color of the water is fantastic as you can see in the photos.  If you move towards the south from the beach you will get to several arranged beaches that are worth seeing.

Accommodation capacities are due to being close to the beach outside the village, on the shore, and so during last few years a new place has been forming on the very beach. For the time being there is only one mini-market with basic supplies, a coffee shop and a tavern. Next to this beach you can see the remainings of two windmills from 1840, which are today under the preservation as monuments.

And here is one of the best beaches on Sithonia - Kriaritsi. On the way to the beach you can see the labyrinth of roads that are made for a large hotel complex, whose construction was canceled in the meantime. A great number of beaches combined with relatively smaller accommodation capacities make this region the camping center of Sithonia.

The choice of accommodation on the very Sykia beach is a great move because nearby Sykia, at a walking distance of a few minutes only, are located three beautiful beaches Limanaki, Pygadiki and Tourkolimnionas. At a distance of several minutes drive are located beaches Griavas, Valti i Agridia. At a distance of a few minutes drive is located one of the most beautiful beaches, Klimataria, then Kriaritsi, and a little known pearl of Sithonia, Tigania. Sarti is 10km away from Sykia and so all of the facilities of this town are easily reachable. All in all, Sykia is a great base for visiting the beautiful beaches of Sithonia.

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