As we wrote, the road from Belgrade to Keramoti is about 850 km long. We recommend that you be careful when driving, and in Macedonia it is advisable not to drive fast, not only because of the poor road and safety, but also because of the police patrols.

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If you want to take a break before entering Macedonia, then you can stay at some gas stations near highway or visit, as we recommend Vladičin Han and Vranje, and other places, and you can read it here. One more recommendation for brake see here.

After entering Greece at the Evzoni border crossing, start counting the traffic lights. The turn for Thessaloniki and Kavala to the left is after the fifth traffic light. An overpass located some 50 kilometers from the border crossing can also serve as a determinant. Just before the overpass there is a fourth traffic light and a turn for Athens and Edessa, and immediately after the overpass you come across the fifth traffic light.

After 5km, turn right, then immediately left for Kavala. The road is marked in English so you should not have any problem.

Mirarbi gave great advice for returning from Thassos:
Please pay attention to the instructions I will give, which also saved us from wandering into the industrial zone of Thessaloniki or even reaching the very center of the city. The sign that you should notice is placed at the turn and it can very easily happen that you miss it, and since you are on the highway, there is no chance to turn around and go back. So, here are the instructions that helped us not to miss the turn to Evzoni:

“When you return to Belgrade, before Thessaloniki you have a sign - turn right - Edessa - Skopje. There you turn and take the road with traffic lights. After about 10 kilometers you have a sign for Evzoni (turn right). The sign is placed on the right side of the road (it is not hanging) and it is not very big and especially visible, so drive in the right lane to spot it and turn where you should. When you turn, you go through a concrete structure that was supposed to be a toll ramp and you go out on the road to Evzoni. “

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