Pyrgadikia is a modern town that once used to be a fishing town, built on the hill, in the shape of an amphitheatre, and it is a small peninsula on a peninsula.

It is only 100km away from Thessaloniki, and from a bigger place Poligiros about 35 km. It is the last resort in Sithonia and it is turned towards the Mount Athos.

Pyrgadikia is one of those places that offers a special atmosphere and spirit so it should certainly be visited. The town has a beautiful beach, a few buildings for renting to tourists, a harbour, a fishmonger, a small square, grocery stores, and of course a great number of fish taverns with the excellent choice of fish. This place may be mostly famous for the choice of excellent fish in taverns. In the very proximity of the town there are several beautiful, clean small coves and beaches. From here northwards are the beaches Yalakia, Sononikiou, Trani Ammouda, Pyrgos and Vourvourou, and only 3 km eastwards  is one of the more beautiful on Sithonia Kambos, which is famous for white, tiny pebbles and the fine sand, and it is also ideal for water sports, volleyball and football on the sand. The beach is organized and within it there are restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars.

Porto Carras is 30-min-drive away from Pyrgadikia and it is ideal for those who are willing to try playing golf and it has got a total of 19 golf courses. In Porto Karras there is a tennis academy as well so tennis fans can also enjoy in playing this sport. The fans of hiking can climb up till the top of the mountain Vrahoto (492).

The Byzathium fortifications in this place, which were used for the protection of the island Pyrgadikia, are still well-preserved today. Considering the fact that the town is nearby the from Pyrgadikia you can easily get to Ouranopolis on Athos where ships which cruise around the sail of Mount Athos. Northwards from Pyrgadikia is Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotel, where are situated the remanings of his house and an interactive park from where there is a beautiful view of the town that has got many restaurants and stores. The Agios Nikolaos and Ormos Panagias resorts are also nearby and they are easily reachable from Pyrgadikia.

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