Ferries to Thassos go from two coastal places: Kavala and Keramoti.
From Kavala, it is possible to take the ferry to Skala Prinos and from Keramoti to Limenas. The Kavala - Skala Prinos route takes 75 minutes, and the Keramoti - Limenas route only 35 minutes.

Among tourists more popular line is Keramoti - Limenas, due to frequent departures (in the season every half hour), shorter journeys, and lower prices of tickets. Although Keramoti is 39km away from Kavala, in direction of Xanthi, it is worth crossing this distance and take a ferry to Thassos (Limenas) from Keramoti.

Two maritime companies drive to Thassos from Kavala and Keramoti: Thassos Ferries and Aneth Ferries. Ferries of the first company are recognizable by the predominant bright red color, combined with white, and by the inscription Fast Ferries on the side-bottom of the boat. The ferries of the other company are predominantly white, combined with blue color and with a noticeable inscription ΑΝΕΘ from the side. Basically, it does not matter to which ferry you will embark on since the quality of ships, prices and departures are similar from one to another company. This means that you can freely enter the first ready ferry at the port. Here is a link to the websites of the listed companies, where you will find the current timetable and ticket prices: http://www.thassos-ferries.gr/ and http: //www.anethferries.gr/.

Note that the timetable is not the same in all months, as well as on steam and odd days of the month. Also, note that the prices of tickets are especially pronounced for adults and for children, and that car prices depend on their length - the price for cars up to 4.25m is lower, and for those longer than 4.25m is higher.

Ferry Timetable for Thassos

Keramoti - Limenas - Keramoti line operates daily including weekends. The first ferry departs at 5:00 AM and the last one at 11:00 PM.
Schedule for June 2023 for both directions - in the early morning hours, there is a departure every hour, and from 9:00 AM, there is a departure every half an hour until the afternoon when the frequency reduces again, and from 7:00 PM, there is a departure every hour.
Kavala - Skala Prinos - Kavala line also operates daily including weekends. The first departure from Kavala is at 9:15 AM and the last one at 7:00 PM. The first departure from Skala Prinos is at 7:15 AM and the last one at 5:15 PM in the afternoon.
Departures are less frequent in both directions. The schedule for June is as follows:

Skala Prinos - Kavala:
07:15 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM
01:45 PM
05:15 PM

Kavala - Skala Prinos:
09:15 AM
12:00 PM
02:00 PM
03:30 PM
07:00 PM

Earlier reservation of tickets for the ferry via the internet is not possible, and it is really not necessary, as the departures are sufficient throughout the day, especially during the summer tourist season. You need to know that in the season, the line of vehicles waiting for boarding the ferry can be long, and you may not get to embark on the first, but on the second, third, fourth ferry. In most cases you will stand long in line in the weekend days when the Greeks from the coast go to Thassos. In any case, stand with your vehicle at the end of the row, and then when you get closer to the ticket shop, go out and buy them. The rule is that only the driver enters the ferry in his vehicle, to park it, and then get out of it and join the other passengers. It is therefore necessary that each passenger from your vehicle has a ferry ticket with him, and before embarking agree on which deck you will find each other after parking and climbing up on deck so that you do not happen to look for each other through the entire duration sailing.

Beware of your vehicle, especially the rearview mirrors, when going in and out from the ferry, as the workers on the ferry lead you to park very tightly alongside other vehicles, which often leads to scratching, breaking the mirror and similar unpleasant events.

For those who are on holiday with a pet, going to the ferry with pets is allowed.

Next to the ticket shop or just next to the ferry entrance, there are often promoters who freely share the printed, colored brochure for the factory and the gold store “Iris gold” in Limenaria. Make sure you take this material, because on the back of the brochure there is a large, very detailed map of Thassos, which will certainly benefit you during your stay on the island.

The ferry ride is a very nice and fun occasion mostly due to numerous seagulls and albatrosses that accompany each ferry from departure to arrival in the harbor. Mostly they do it because of the passengers who feed them with pieces of bread or biscuits and similar snacks, as well as because the ferry raises water and pushes fish closer to the surface, making them exposed to these birds. Do not be surprised when you see that the passengers are standing right next to the fence, with raised hands providing food so that seagulls and albatrosses come and take a tasty snack directly from their hand. For this purpose, it is advisable to bring some bread, biscuits or snacks and a ready camera so you can have a memory with these beautiful birds. If their size and screams scare you, and you do not want to feed them, enjoy at least this unusual scene and their beauty.

Besides watching birds on the ferry, you can also cut off time in other ways. You can sit outside on benches, sunbathe, read a book, listen to music, and you can also enter the air-conditioned lounge with comfortable armchairs and there you can drink or eat something from the offer of a ferry bar or play a video game on one of the machines. If you are traveling during the tourist season, the crowd on the ferry will be guaranteed, but it is possible that there will be interesting players and entertainers on the deck as well.

Finally, the most frequent question of our guests regarding the ferry is: “Which route do we choose, what do you recommend?”. In fact, we do not have a recommendation, but we will present some of the facts so it’s up to you to decide.

  • The price of ferry ride on the Kavala - Skala Prinos route is 6.5€ for adults, for children from 5-10 years it is 4€, while the car charge for a standard length of the car (up to 4,25m) is 20€ and over 4,25m is 25€.
  • On the Limenas - Keramoti route, the transport price is 5€ for adults, 3€ for children from 5-10 years, 20€ for the standard length of the car (up to 4,25m), and over 4,25m 25€.
    Children under 5 years of age do not pay for transport, and older than 10 years pay as adults.

From Skala Prinos to Limenas there is 15km, and when it’s coming in Keramoti, to Kavala there is 35km, so if it goes from Kavala to Prinos there are 50km in savings, but on the other side, the ferry on that route is more expensive. All this leads to good calculation, but whatever you choose there is no doubt that the details will decide.

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