Porto Vathy beach is located about 7km from Limenas. Follow the road sign for Markiamos beach, and when you reach the Makriamos ramp, continue to the right, on a dusty road for another 4,5 kilometers, without turning.

First you'll encounter Marble (Saliara) beach and after about 500m you'll get to Porto Vathy. It's a small but well-kept beach.

On the shore and in the water there's bright marble sand, and the sea is turquoise and clear. In the hinterland of the beach, above the road is located excellently decorated cafe Porto Vathy. Cafe is predominantly white with interesting details. Deck chairs are placed in the olive trees shade next to the cafe. They are obtained with a minimum consumption of 5e per lounger.

If you like posh ambience with music, next to olive groves, pine forest, high cliffs that rise directly from the beach, draw in your plan of mandatory beaches also Porto Vathy quarry. Far from the traffic and the city, at this beach you can enjoy the turquoise sea and good music with excellent service.

On this stretch, on just 5km of the road, there are four fabulous beaches: Markiamos, Marble, Porto Vathy and Vathi. All are beautiful in their own way and each deserves at least several separate hours.

P.S. To the beach there is also a path from Panagija, but is longer and quite tortuous. It leads through the quarry toward Porto Vathy and Marble. We do not recommend it if you want it shorter and better way, if you want a little adventure, passage through the quarry can be very interesting.

See the video of this beach on our Youtube channel.