Vathy is a pretty narrow and sandy beach. The sea is unreal clear and transparent, and shoal is long.

It features with sand, soft and bright and like flour, so the water is bright blue, and in the afternoon it’s emerald green because of the lush vegetation around.

Until last year (2020) it was a wild bay, favorite among the most of the tourists, but now there is exclusive hotel and unfortunately it has become unapproachable due to the high prices for renting the sunbeds. If you want to visit this beach, you will have to pay 60€ for a set of two sunbeds and an umbrella, with which you get two coffees and two bottles of water.

The beach is rarely crowded because the road that leads to it is not so good. It’s about 7,5km from Limenas. The road leads next to the Makryammos and Marble (Saliara) beach. When you get to Saliara, continue straight forward along the coast, after 500m you’ll pass by Porto Vathy beach, and 1,5km later you’ll reach Vathy beach. The path to Saliara and Porto Vathy was repaired in 2015, so you can easily go by car down to these beaches.

It takes another five minutes of a quiet, easy drive along the gravel road from Porto Vathy to Vathy beach. The backside of the beach has plenty of the lush vegetation.

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Take a look at this video clip from Vathy beach on our Youtube channel.