Toroni is a town in the south-west of Sithonia which dates back to antique times. During its history it had been reigned interchangeably by several kingdoms, from Persians to Greeks, and then by Byzantium and Turks, and it was reigned again by Greece at the beginning of 20th century. The antique Toroni was considerably damaged in 1903 when Turks used granite rocks from their constructs for getting the roads done between Thessaloniki and Istanbul. It is a very interesting fact that some parts of the old town are now sunken and are 35m away from the coast. The modern Toroni is 1km away in the north from the remaining of the old town and it has about 4000 settlers.

Toroni is a small town and one of the best destinations for families, especially with small children. A big sandy beach, a shoal, playgrounds for children on the very beach is a great combination for them.

What is the beach like in Toroni?

One of the advantages of this town is one of the longest beaches on Sithonia which a proud owner of The Blue Flag. You will be delighted by the 2,5km long beach with golden sand, and the one thing you do not have worry about at all is the crowd.

Porto Koufo, the biggest natural port in Greece, is a place in the south and it takes a 2km long walk to get to it, and for more energetic people there are a few lanes that lead to the hidden beaches and coves in the nearby surroundings. Of course, the biggest part of it can be seen by car.

Toroni is a place with fantastic sunsets, so you will be able to enjoy on the beach till the sun goes down. Classically paved promenade still does not exist, people walk along the pavement or the paved little lane by the sea. The quality of the beach is similar throughout its length and towards the end the beach gets somewhat wider.

Shops, restaurants and taverns in Toroni

In Toroni you will find several taverns on the very beach, as well as 3 supermarkets for supplies. A separate bakery does not exist, bread and rolls are bought in supermarkets. The best supplied supermarket is located somewhere in the middle part of the beach and it is a part of Dimitra Studios. And once you wish for more activities, facilities or livelier nightlife, Neos Marmaras is only 20km away.
If you are looking for good seafood, we recommend visiting Porto Koufo which is widely known for good taverns.

Toroni does not have developed nightlife, it is ideal for families with small children, for whom there are a lot of facilities.

Beaches and places around Toroni

Sarti is only a half hour’s drive away and thus facilities of this town are also easily reachable. A few minutes walk away from Toroni (although it depends on which part of the town you are staying in) is Destenika beach, famous for its beauty and golden sand. Right after Destenika there is another excellent beach, the well-known Tristinika. We also advise you to visit Kalamitsi beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Greece.

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