This beach is a bit remote and inaccessible, and dusty road used for transporting marble leads up to it.

To get to the beach it is best to follow the signs for Makryammos beach, and then when you get to the gate to the complex Makryammos go right through to the dirt road. From that place to the beach is about 4km. Road is very dusty, but all in all not so bad. It is important that from the ramp to the beach you never turn left, although it seems that it is more logical to descend toward the sea, rather than going away. The road is wide enough, and thus you can avoid holes. Still, you need to drive slower. The beach is really incredibly beautiful and there is no picture that can faithfully transmit its beauty.

The shore is covered with fine, white gravel, or more precisely marble stones that water has smoothed and shaped. They are so white that it seems like you walk over the snow.

Interestingly, the stones are always cold and walking on the beach certainly feels good during high summer temperature.

What 's the best thing on this beach is actually the color of water. As the silver surface , the water is gently blue. Swimming will have the impression that you are in an exotic, tropical beach... The water color is really unreal!

On the beach you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, and enjoy the music coming from the beautiful bar with music.

One more thing, leave the visit to marble beach for the end of vacation, because it can happen that after this beach no other will be good enough.

P.S. Keep in mind that after going to the beach will have to wash the car!

Watch a video of this beach on our Youtube channel.