All of the tourists that visit Thassos return home talking about the small balls, looking like donats, that are called lukumades. They can be covered with syrup or also served with vanila ice cream and cinemon. This special sweet is being made in the bakery in Limenaria which is located at the end of pedestrian zone, close to the port and from here it is distributed all over the island. We had the honer to be escorted by the owner to see how lukumades are being made. Of course the recepy is the family secret. In a fews bowls you can see the dough and in one bigger bowl a few liters of boiled oil with a bunch of floating donuts. As soon as they are ready people start rushing in the bakery to buy a portion of this special delicacy.

For all of you who don't like sweets like lukumades with syrup and baklava there is a variety of other cookies, cakes and ice creams.

Unfortunately we got to the bakery too late to take a picture of the famous bugatsa - Greek pie with a lot of cheese. All of this food is beeing made in the morning and if you do not get in time you will stay empty handed.