The donuts - like balls, called loukoumades, topped with sweet syrup and served with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon, are donuts that all tourists are speaking about when returned home from a summer vacation on Thassos.

This Greek specialty is making the only one person on the island, alone, in his workshop above the pastry shop, in Limenaria, at the end of the promenade, near the port and also he is supplying others on Thassos. We had the opportunity to be taken by the owner of that patisserie, whose name in Greek means welcome, to the above-mentioned workshop and show us how the famous loukoumades are made. Of course, the recipe is the secret of his family, but we could see the way of preparation. The dough is mixed in several large bowls, and a few more liters of boiling oil and many balls in the even bigger one, which the chef strives to bake evenly. Shortly afterward, at the patisserie itself, most guests stopping by to order ready, fresh loukoumades, in the variant described above with vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon.

For those who are not lovers of cakes in sweet syrup, such as loukoumades, baklava with different fillings, etc., there is a rich offer of various other cakes, biscuits, ice creams, and torte. My favorite cakes are white, domed, with a cherry on top.

It’s a pity that we came in the afternoon, so we couldn’t take a picture for you and the famous bougatsa - a Greek pie with a lot of cheese\, which is made here from the hand-stretched crust and is very tasty. The bougatsa and other bakery things are brought out early in the morning and are sold out by the afternoon.

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