Ouranopolis is a small place on the west coast of Athos, mostly known as a starting point for the cruise boats for trips around the Holy Mountain and to Drenia island.

This place is cute and has a special charm, a large number of shops and restaurants. Considering the fact that pilgrims are stopping by on their way to the Holy Mountain, there’s plenty of shops where you can buy icons, cresset, incense et.

The beach in Ouranopolis is not particularly beautiful, because of the stones on the beach, but the color of the water is amazing. There are several luxury hotels with beautiful beaches that can be used by visitors who are not their guests. In most of these hotels, visitors can also use swimming pools for a symbolic price or an ordered drink.

Near Ouranopolis, there’s a small town called Trypiti, from where the ferry departs to the famous Ammouliani island, featured on every tourist postcards of Athos because of the beautiful beaches and clear turquoise sea. The beaches are with long shallow, fine sand and they’re perfect for families with small children.

Nea Rodha (10km) and Ierissos (15km) are also near Near Oranopolis, for swimming and evening walks.

From Ouranopolis you can visit beaches like Xiropotami (11km), Legend in Nea Rodha (11km), Komitsa (16km), one of the most beautiful beaches on Athos, and Kakudia (20km). Famous beaches around Olympiada are 40-45km away, so if you like an active holiday, do not miss them.

In addition to the beautiful beaches and islands of Amouliani and Drenia, during your summer holidays on Athos, you should visit the Serbian monastery Kakovo as well as Aristotle’s park and hometown (Stagira).

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