Thessaloniki region has been one of the most popular for summer holidays. Places in this region are Stavros, Nea Vrasna, Paralia Vrasna and Asprovalta.

All these places are extremely close to each other and extend over the coast 12km long. This whole stretch is almost a continuous beach, quite wide and mostly sandy.

As the sea is open in this part of Strimoniko Bay, the region is characterized by more frequent winds and waves in the afternoon. This applies especially to Asprovalta, Nea and Paralia Vrasna, while in Stavros, which is more sheltered, there’s less wind and almost no waves at all. The sand all over the beach connecting these places is fine (not like flour) and the depth is gradual but with no shallow. The depth is slightly faster than on the beaches of Halkidiki and Thassos, and the colour of the sea is not turquoise due to the darker sand, but the sea is very clean here.

It’s interesting that the dolphins can be seen quite often in the Thessaloniki region, especially in the afternoon and very close to the coast. They’re particularly frequent guests of the coast near Nea Vrasna.

There are no wild bays and hidden beaches in this region, however, Olympiada abound in beautiful beaches that can be compared to the most beautiful beaches on the islands, and it is very close to Stavros (12km), Nea Vrasna (17km) and Asprovalta (20km).