The crystal clear and transparent sea in Sithonia is perfect for diving. Of course, not all beaches are equally interesting for this activity, and in our opinion, the east coast is more interesting than the west.

The beaches where you can see the interesting underwater world on the west coast are Kalogria, Las Bandidas and a whole stretch of wild beaches between Toroni and Neos Marmaras. Kalamitsi with the surrounding rocks and a small island is also a beach where you can dive and enjoy.

On the east coast, the stretch from Vourvourou to Sarti abounds in interesting bays, tucked between high cliffs. The beaches in this part are not with fine sand as on the west coast, but there are pebbles and pebbles, there are no shoals, and the sea is rich in larger fish and richer sea world. In this part we would recommend the beaches of Rodia, Manasu, Bahia. The beach in front of Sarti called Platanitsi is also very popular among diving enthusiasts.

In Sithonia, there is a diving club in almost every place, one in Metamorphosis, two in Nikiti, one in Ormos Panagias (on Trani Ammouda beach), one in Sarti, one on Kalogria beach, Lagomandra, Kalamitsi, two in Neos Marmaras.

The price for beginners is around 50€ for an hour of training (half an hour of theory and half an hour of practice).