Bougatsa is a Greek, traditional pie, similar to the burek, with the most consumed is sweet, with vanilla cream, not cheese. If you like a sweet breakfast, we recommend at least once a breakfast of a bougatsa with vanilla cream and chocolate milk. Sugar and cinnamon powder (if you like) are usually over bougatsa.

Greeks drink chocolate milk also with salt bougatsa.

Bougatsas are selling in bakeries, but also in small shops that sell only bougatsas (bougatsatzidika - a pie shop). Before you buy a bougatsa, you are advised to ask about the best one in your staying place, as there is a significant difference from shop to shop. It is best to ask the property owner for a recommendation.

Bougatsa is very popular in Greece, but sweet, with vanila cream and cinnamon.

The capital city of bougatsa is Serres town in northern Greece and is often said in bakeries and bougatsatzidikas that is from Serres. Since bougatsas are eaten only for breakfast, shops that only sell bougatsas are often open until 2pm.

It is very similar to burek, and acording to many people it tastes better. The crusts are thin and greasy, and with yogurt it tastes even better. In Athens and in the south of the country the name “bougatsa” is used only for vanilla cream, and all the rest are pies (pie with cheese, spinach, meat), while in the north (Thessaloniki and the surrounding area) all “pies” they call “bougatsa”, so we have spinach bougatsa, with cheese, with meat, with vanilla cream.

In recent years, bougatsa with merenda (Greek nutella) it has been popular, as well as bougatsa pizza.

Whatever its name, bougatsa is a great breakfast and you are advised to try it. Try the original vanilla cream combined with cinnamon and chocolate milk, and later you can experiment with other flavors.

Of course, different bakeries have different bougatsas. In our opinion, bougatsa in Limenaria on Thassos is best in a bakery and pastry shop in downtown, just after the taxi station in the port (on the left).

In Potos, the best is at Tsikna bakery. The bakery is located on a street that separates from the main road just after the Alexandra beach hotel, on the same street where hotel Sirines is, across the Maliaros market. This bakery has 2-3 tables and chairs, so you can sit there, but the sea and mall are only 100 meters away from where it can be even more enjoyable.

In Limenas try the bugaça made by Sakis, you will be delighted. And Sakis’ bugacia went to many countries of the world, worn as the most beautiful gift to the home or to friends as an extended memory of Thassos. His bakery Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis preserves the tradition of making bougatsa from his hometown of Serres.

In Sithonia, in Nikiti, there is a famous bougatsa at Fayaza (on the highway).
In Kassandra you can try very good bougatsa in Kostas bakery in Pefkohori at the main road and in Dramis in Chanioti.

If you are in Thessaloniki, we recommend that you try bugaça at the famous Giannis bakery.

Here are ideas for one breakfast. Men wake up early, buy bougatsa and yogurt and surprise your little children and wife with a nice breakfast. At the end sweeten yourself with the bougatsa with the vanila cream and cinnamon.

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