Village Theologos is located 10km northeast of Potos, 220m above sea level.

Up to the second half of the previous century, Teologos was the capital of the island and its political and economical center. Today it's a political center of Potos, Astris and Kinira. Unlike the other mountain villages, Teologos is still full of life, with a large number of villagers and a school. At the moment there are 80 children attending school, half of which are Albanian children. Approximately two thirds of island administrative belongs to Thelogos.

The history of Teologos, reaches back to antique times. A settlement and a tomb dating back to 8th century B.C. were found near Teologos.

Teologos is certainly one of the most beautiful places on the island, and you should definitely see it. The first things you will notice are narrow streets, houses built in traditional, Macedonian style, with stone roofs. The village of Teologos represents a significant cultural monument, so building new, and reconstructing old houses is limited and by the standard for preserving the cultural and historical value of the village.

In the center of the village there is a church, built in 1803. It is dedicated to St. Demetrios. It is known for its carved wooden altar, which took ages to build, and shows scenes from both Old and New Testament. Near the church there is a museum of folklore. The simplicity of life, obvious in this place, and the spirit of traditional Greek culture will certainly leave an impression on you. To round up your visit, I suggest you try homemade lamb with some homemade wine in any of the local taverns.