A frequent question is what the weather is like in May on Thassos and whether it is possible to swim in the sea.
Although it is very ungrateful to answer questions about the weather, the month of May and spring, in general, are the most beautiful part of the year on Thassos. The average temperature is about 24 degrees, and generally without wind or rain. Nature is in its full splendor and vegetation is most abundant. The unreal blue-green color of the water is breathtaking and the pines and greenery above the coast give you a feeling of freshness and complete rest.

If your only goal in Thassos is to swim, then you would be disappointed if you visited it before the 20 of May, because the weather is not ideal for a swiming. The air is cool and fresh, especially with the breeze that often blows, and the average sea temperature is around 18 degrees. Of course, it can happen that May is extremely warm and sometimes even warmer than June, but mostly it is not. See here the average sea temperature in all resorts in Greece by month during the season.
One rule is that swiming on Thassos begins around Easter. If Easter is on the calendar in May, then coming to Thassos is the right choice, because the Greeks respect their religious holidays, especially Easter as the largest of them, so apart from the vacation, you can feel the holiday mood in Greece, which is also very valuable an unforgettable experience.

The weather is difficult to predict, especially for the long term, but what you need to know is that the month of May is beautiful for a peaceful holiday without the hustle, that the temperatures are pleasant, that there is usually no rain or wind, that the smell of pines is the most intense, that bathing doesn’t have to be pleasant, but the cost of accommodation is much lower, so all of the above facts have an effect on many tourists, especially from Scandinavian countries, to visit Thassos in May.

See HERE the weather forecast for any place you are interested in in Greece, and HERE read more about how much you can rely on the weather forecast and how to plan your vacation.

So, if you go to Thassos without the real reason and desire to just swim, you can have a great time and rest.

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