Parga is one of the most scenic places on the Greece coast. Known for its colorful houses and narrow cobbled streets, Parga is one of the most popular resorts in Greece.

Parga is not a big town, so the accommodation units closer to the center and the city beach are very quickly completely booked, already by February. The prices of the accommodation are often really too high, due to high demand. We recommend you to book accommodation in the center and close to the beach only if you can afford it. If not, a few streets away, even above the main road, there are quite good locations for accommodation in Parga. Why do we think like that? First of all, because the public beach is very small and insufficient to accommodate all the visitors. Swimming and sunbathing, as well as resting on it, can sometimes be unpleasant because of the large crowds. For this reason, the proximity of accommodation in relation to the beach doesn’t bring any advantage. We definitely recommend swimming at the beaches that are on the fringes of the city - Lichnos and Valtos. Vicinity of the center of Parga is important only because of evening walks that you’ll truly keep in a wonderful memory.

Since the center of Parga is very densely packed with houses and villas, shops and restaurants, there is almost no parking space, which usually is a major problem for guests arriving to Parga with their own vehicles. This is another reason to settle a bit away from the center. Lodgings in the center also have no yard and usually aren’t adapted for families with children, as opposed to those that are a bit off center.

Of course, take into account that Parga is hilly, so that being settled in the accommodation off center usually means more walking uphill and downhill.

If you want to get some rest, in an affordable accommodation on a beautiful beach, we recommend that you consider Vrachos-Loutsa 30km away from Parga. It’s one of the most beautiful and certainly the only sandy beach on the Ionian coast.