If you do not have your own or rented vehicle in Thassos, you will be able to take buses that are going around the island, from place to place in a well-defined timetable. These buses are not like standard city buses, but rather look like a tourist, air-conditioned buses of a higher class, designed especially for longer rides than you can actually need on Thassos.

You can look at the printed timetable on the bulletin boards of bigger hotels and villas or simply request it from the driver of the first bus you board. You can also get timetables at newsstands near stations. You should know that the timetable is not the same throughout the year and that different hours are available from Monday to Saturday and different for Sunday. It also happens that the timetable is changed several times during the summer season.

The only disadvantage to this island tour is that the last departures to Limenas are organized about at 5 pm (local time), which is quite early to return from the beaches, and it also mean that you cannot go from other places in Thassos to Limenas for a nightlife, because there is no evening or night departures in this direction. In the season, there is only a possibility of a quite late return from Limenas to the south of the island, since the last bus from the starting station in Limenas leaves at about 7.30 pm.

Bus tickets are not expensive, especially when compared to taxi fares. Taxis are more worth it for shorter distances if you use it with two or three other persons (Potos - Limenaria is 5-6e).From Limenas to the place in the far south (Limenaria, Pefkari, Potos), or the opposite way, by bus you can go for about 5e, while the taxi is about 45e. Fares for short routes (for several kilometers), such as Limenaria - Theologos, range from 1,80, which is also the minimum ticket price.

Tickets are getting at newsstands near stations or in the bus.

If you carry inflatable mattresses or other big luggage with you, before entering the bus you can give it to the driver or conductor, who will fit it into the lower trunk of the bus.

You can contact the bus station on +30 25930 22162 for any information and changes to the timetable.

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