Almost every night during the summer, in Theologos is held a program for tourists, known as the “Greek night” in Augoustos tavern.

The program starts at 8pm and lasts no later than 1am.

The evening is designed to show guests the Greek traditional dances, but also for the guests to be involved in the program. Upon arrival, everyone can take prepared food from a buffet. A wide selection of salads, including tzatziki, eggplant salad, beetroot topped with mayonnaise, beans and a few others, and as the main dish lamb or chicken (optional). Buffet can be used only if you have paid through the agency. In this case, the price includes unlimited homemade wine (red and white), and children can take two sparkling drinks. After dinner as a dessert, you get loukoumades.

As far as the program is concerned, the stage is alternating between Greek singer who sings popular songs, traditional and modern, with a folk group of three, four members. They perform dances from different Greek islands, as well as dances that are performed on weddings and so on.

All in all, the atmosphere is great and also appealing to those who like to dance. Greek music is reminiscent of Turkey, and the rhythm is similar to Serbian so these tourists are doing well in all the dances.

If you’re merry then you will surely have a great time.

In late summer, as part of a mandatory program is treading grapes…the huge barrel is set where girls enter (selected by the restaurant owner) to trample grapes with bare feet. The organizers, however, took care of everything and right after stepping from the barrel you proceed to the foot washing, and no less than to wash them in the basin. Surprises did not end then. The restaurant owner, nonetheless, dressed in traditional costume, sitting on a stool is waiting for you to personally washed your feet. Not only that, the moment when the boss sees the color of your underwear, but he also forwards this information to the singer who announces that same information to everyone via speakers. If you want a fun night, if you want a bit of dancing and socializing, you should go and see how the Greeks have fun. You’ll also see how to break the plates, and you will also have the opportunity to throw some by yourself.

Also in the tavern Iatrou during the summer season a few times a week is organized Greek night, but before heading to Theologos, get information about the days when it is organized.

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