Siviri has a long and beautiful sandy beach with fine sand, ideal for families with small children.

The seaside promenade is beautifully arranged, so you can spend a nice day on the Siviri beach during the summer. According to many people, the beach in Siviri is the most beautiful beach on the west coast of Kassandra.

Elani beach is a less known but excellent beach. It's located 2km before Siviri viewed from the direction Thessaloniki and Sani village. The large Elani Bay Resort dominates the beach, occupying the most of it, but there's enough space for the visitors who are not the hotel guests. There is a beach bar where you can rent sunbeds even if you are not staying at the hotel. The beach is in a fantastic surrounding, below a thick larch forest and the coast itself is sandy and very well maintained. The sand is very fine both on the shore and in the water, the water is clear and transparent, with no sea plants, the depth is gradual, so this beach is a paradise for families with children.

On the hills among which the beach is tucked, there are luxury villas belonging to wealthy Greeks and to some of our countrymen as well. Near the beach, there's an abandoned children's resort that seems a bit spooky, but the beach and its surroundings are certainly worth visiting.

Helona Beach Bar is located on a small, sandy beach between the Simantra beach and Elani Bay Resort. It's a sandy beach with a gradual depth and with the larch forest in the background. In a very quiet environment, in Helona Beach Bar you can enjoy a bit louder music with a younger population that visits the bar.

Fourka also has a long city beach, but it's narrower, with private homes and villas in the hinterland.