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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer
  • Recommended

Owner's description

Loxandra Studios are situated in the center of Metamorphosis Village one step from the beach. Near the sea and opposite to the famous pine forest of Metamorphosis can offer your clients the feeling of nature in the highest level. The market of the village is a few meters away and the beautiful parks of Metamorphosis village too. Organized beach is about 70 meters away and there is also plenty of public parking in the accommodation.

Loxandra Studios are fully equipped with kitchenette, air-condition, Led 32'' television, WC with shower and hair dryer, beautiful balcony with view to the astonishing pine forest and partially to the sea. Our accommodation runs also a café-creperie where our customers can have delicious tastes for breakfast and not only, during the day as well as late at night, like coffee, crepa, pancakes, sweets, toasts, pizza, waffles, hot dogs, drinks, ice-cream, milk and many more… In the first floor we do have a wonderful terrace where coffee or anything else from our menu can be served any time of the day. Our guests can also enjoy up there the clear Greek sky watching to our 3mx2m crystal clear picture video wall a serious sport event, international music video clips etc). Free high speed WiFi is available to all the accommodation as well as in the studios. We do provide baby cots for free to the customers who have babies. One child younger than 6 years old are for free in our accommodation. 

Loxandra Studios are situated at the Sithonia peninsula and they offer you 2,3 or 4 bed fully equipped accommodation for relaxing and memorable holidays. They are built in 2006-2007 and belong to 3 keys category. They all have view to the sea and the forest, balcony, kitchenette, refrigerator, WC with shower, air condition and TV. They are 90km far from Thessaloniki, 75km from international airport of Macedonia (SKG), 22km from Moudania, 8km from Nikiti and 28km from Marmaras. Loxandra Studios also have an atrium and cafe-creperie where you can enjoy your time from early in the morning until late at night. Loxandra Studio's claim is to give good services at reasonable prices that anyone can afford, they are ideal for families as well as youth because village Metamorfosi has many parks, super markets, restaurants, cafe, routes to the forest and the sea for walking or biking. From Metamorfosi village you can easily go with car to Kassandra or Athos peninsula in order to explore more of Halkidiki.

1st floor Beds and furniture: 1st floor has 5 studios and each one has 2 single beds which can be as one big double bed. The heads of the beds is special designed for Studios Loxandra and the rest of the furniture are also made from wood to give you the luxury you ask in yours vacations!

2nd floor Beds and furniture: Second floor has 6 studios equipped with a big double bed which head is special designed for Loxandra Studios. Heads of the bed are special designed from iron for Loxandra's Studios and each studio has a different type of it. The rest of the furniture in 2nd floor are made from wood and iron too so to give you the luxury feeling of living in your holidays! Anatomic bed layers: Bed layers had been chosen with the highest standards and their construction agree to European Union rules. They promise to you a nice and easy sleep. Bought from a well known company worldwide, which is known for the products for sleep it produces!

Furniture are carefully selected, luxurious and comfortable as they are they will make you have a nice settlement at studios Loxandra, as concerning beds half of the studios have iron-made beds and the other half have wooden-made beds. The layers of the beds are all chosen with high criteria standards and promise to you a nice and quite sleep! The view of pine trees from the balcony will help you to relax and be closer to the nature! Walking a few steps from Loxandra studios you arrive to the center of the village where you can find anything (restaurants, super markets, pizzas, cafes, car - bike rent shops, fast food shops. Parks where you can rest or your children can play are all over the place, walking roots to follow and secret paths to explore will make you spend your time beautifully!

Studios Loxandra are in a nodal point of Halkidiki, Metamorfosi, and allow to to have easy access to Athos and Kassandra peninsulas! The complex of Loxandra studios is newly built (2006) and offers a friendly family atmosphere in a modern, comfortable and luxury environment. There are 11 studios providing full amenities to enjoy your holidays. Explore nature on foot or with a bike and live romantic moments with your partner. Rent a car or a motorbike and visit other beautiful villages in the region like Psakoudia, Gerakini, Ancient Olynthos, Moudania, Nikiti (with its historical value), Marmaras, Agios Nikolaos. Studios Loxandra are in the best place of the village, facing the famous pine forest of Metamorfosi and only 40m for the centre of the village and 60m from the beach! Opposite to the accommodation there is a park where you can walk or play with your children.

Metamorfosi village can be considered as a huge children playhouse, and its also a place to explore and walk through as there are numerous places you can find on foot or with bicycle! Loxandra studios are the ideal place to live your dream with your family! Beautiful beaches combined with Greek sun and the astonishing pine forest makes the perfect place to live your relaxing holidays. For nature - lovers is a place to come as it combines the forest and the sea. A forest from centuries aged pine trees, a rare nature gift which we all take after and respect to keep it alive forever.

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molim za pobližu informaciju. došli bismo žena i ja sa dvoje dece (bliznakinje 6 god.). dovoljno nam je tri ležaja u sobi(1 bračni i 1 dodatni) a željeni termin je 27.07.-06.08. koja je cena i da li su u cenu uključeni suncobrani i ležaljke na plaži?

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    Andjela Stankovic18.07.2017 22:36:19

    Da li imate četvorokrevetni studio, u kom periodu i koja je cena?


    Sladjana23.06.2017 13:27:03

    Apartman za 4 osobe od 08.08 do 21.08.


    aleksandra03.06.2017 19:28:54

    Imate li slobodnu sobu za dve odrasle osobe u periodu od 25.06-01.07( 6 nocenja).hvala


    Larrycal18.03.2017 06:22:44

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    Ivan Stepanovic14.09.2016 08:48:15

    Neverovatno čisti i sređenji apartmani, veliko kupatilo. Izuzetno ljubazni vlasnici. Najbolji kremopitas ikada u pekari u lokalu vile. sve preporuke