This is a small town at the very beginning of Sithonia (at the western entrance to Sithonia) of about 500 settlers. What makes it different are the pine woods above the coast, and in some
places they stretches at a distance of 300 mr towards the center of the island. Since it is a place perfect for relaxation in the truest sense of that word, the combination of the fragrance of conifers and sea enables better relaxation during the summer. Due to its micro-climate, place is known as a spa, perfect for all those who have issues with the respiratory system.
In the central part of the place is a park hundreds of meters long, well-arranged, with paved lanes, palms, and tall pine trees which provide the great shade, benches perfect for enjoying the green scenery or the view on the blue surface of the sea, and numerous objects for playing (toboggans, climbers, swings) so that the youngest can have a good time.
The place itself has a few stores with mixed goods, several taverns, pizzerias, bakery shops, several souvenir shops, generally everything that is needed for a peaceful family vacation. For greater supplies you have at disposal a supermarket Lidl (and several other) which is 7-8 km away and is situated in Nikiti.
The beach itself is narrower, with the natural shade in some places, with sand and shingle on the coast, and shingle and rocks in the water. In is not considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in  Sithonia, but it is certainly usable and decent having the crystal clear water. The eastern end of the beach is the owner of the blue flag. This beach is well-arranged (with deck-chairs and water sports) and it is 120 m long, being only a part of the longest beach on Sithonia (32km) which stretches from Nikitia to Gerakini. Due to its southern position, the beach is sun-drenched all day long, and visitors can enjoy in breath-taking sunsets.
Staying in Metamorfosis gives you the opportunity to easily reach some of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia like Kalogria, Lagomandra (well-known for its natural shade), Mango, Karidi.
We recommend Metamorfosis not only to those who want to have a real vacation in a small town, surrounded by the green scenery and known for quietness, shade and tranquility, but also to those who want to go to a place which is a base for seeing the rest of Sithonia for it has a perfect location. Metamorfosis is nearby Nikiti (7km) and about 30 km away from the administrative center Poligiros. Its location is perfect for seeing both legs on Halkidiki, and it is 100 km away form Thessaloniki.
In a nearby area of Metamorfosis are the remainings of one of the most  important antique cities in the north of Greece, and on the road between Thessaloniki and Metamorfosis can be found one of the best known caves in Greece, Petralona, which is open for visitors.