Metamorfosi is a small place at the beginning (western entrance) of Sithonia, with about 500 inhabitants. It is characteristic of a dense pine forest that extends over the coast, and sometimes up to 300m into the interior of the peninsula. Given that the place is small and ideal for a holiday in the true sense of the word, the mixture of a conifer scent and the sea contributes to a better relaxation during the summer vacation. Because of its micro-climate, the city is known as an aerial spa ideal for people with respiratory problems.

In the central part, there is a well-arranged park about a 100m long, with paved paths, palm and high pine trees that provide excellent shade, benches ideal for enjoying in the greenery or a sea view, as well as numerous toys (slides, climbers, swings) for the youngest.

Metamorfosi has several grocery stores, taverns, souvenir shops, pizzeria and a bakery, roughly everything that’s needed for a peaceful family holiday. For more shopping, you can go to Lidl supermarket (and a few others) in Nikiti (at 7-8km).

Beach in Metamorfosi

The beach is narrow, with natural shade in some parts, sand and gravel on the coast and gravel or sand in the water. It’s not considered among the nicest in Sithonia, but it’s decent and usable. The sea is crystal clear. The eastern part of the beach is named Makrya Lagada, awarded the Blue Flag. This beach is arranged (with deck chairs and water sports), about 120m long, but it’s only a part of the longest beach in Sithonia (32km), from Nikiti to Gerakini. Due to its southern position, the beach is sunny throughout the day and the sunset is beautiful.

Staying in Metamorfosi gives you easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, especially around Nikiti.

Why we recommend it?

Metamorfosi is recommended to all those looking for a real holiday in a small place full of greenery, tranquillity, shade and silence, as well as to those looking for a place as a base for visiting the rest of Sithonia, because it’s in a great location. Nikiti is at 7km and the administrative center, Poligiros, is 30km away. By location, it’s ideal for visiting the other two Halkidiki peninsulas, while Thessaloniki is only 100km away.

Near Metamorfosi, there are remains of one of the most important ancient cities in the north of Greece, Olyntos, while on the road between Thessaloniki and Metamorfosi there’s Petralona, ​​one of the most famous caves in Greece open to visitors.

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