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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Recommended

Our description

Although the villa is called Tarsanas Studios, accommodation units in the house are not studios but rooms without kitchens. It has mini kitchens with hot plates and fridge. It is meant only for preparing a light meals, such as breakfast and something for the kids, there can not be frying.

It is a completely renovated building, located on the Tarsanas beach in the western part of Limenas.

When you take off a ferry, drive to the right of some three hundred meters, then left and join the main road around the island, after which you’ll turn right towards Prinos and Limenaria. After approximately 400m on the right side of the main road you`ll see a big gate with the inscription panel Tarsanas beach.

By a car you’ll enter to the villa’s garden. On the left is the villa Tarsanas, with 15 completely renovated rooms. Rooms are medium sized, designed for three-member families, except that in each room you can add an extra bed. Each room is equipped with a luxurious, modern and new furniture in pastel shades and include a double bed and a sofa, well-kept bathroom and a terrace with chairs and a mandatory view at the sea. Of course, the view is nicer from the higher floors.

Rooms, other than a modern design, offer free use of air conditioners, HD TV, wireless internet, safety deposit box and hair dryer.

Cleaning, replacement of bed linen and towels are provided and regular.

In the yard, with a trimmed lawn and a lot of flowers, greenery and shade, there is a restaurant, Jacuzzi, a lot of sitting furniture, some toys for children, parking and path to the beach. The beach is narrow and long, mostly in the shade, with small gravel and sand, clean water, gradual depth and free easy chairs and umbrellas for guests of Tarsanas Studios, with an excellent service.

The area from Limenas over Tarsanas to Skala Rachoni is full of pine trees and natural shade on the beach and the Tarsanas studios with spacious, well-kept yard and beach with natural shade reminiscent of a heavenly place on Earth.

Tarsanas restaurant is excellent, and within it are occasionally organized themed evenings with nice music.

Limenas town center is 1,8km away from the Tarsanas beach.

Tarsanas is excellent for those who want luxurious accommodations on the beach, with great yard, good restaurant, near the capital that offers more fun and entertainment. By choosing Tarsanas room, you’ll get peace and beautiful beach on one side and the ability to reach all the fun content in only two minutes, also to Makriamos beach, Marble (10min), Papalimani (3min), Pachis beach (7min).

Owner's description

Tarsanas estate is located in the middle of what could be accurately described as an earthly paradise: a fest of magical sunsets, thick pine tree woods and calm, inviting seas. Leave it to us to organize your holidays and to ensure your most comfortable, leisurely and pleasant stay and you will immediately confirm first hand that nothing in these descriptions is an exaggeration. Tarsanas, lays on the western end of the town at a distance of 1800 meters from the city center of Thassos and hardly 1000 meters from the ferry boat harbor.

A group of individual studio apartments built by the sea on a large private expand of green turf and thick trees. Each apartment has an individual large balcony facing the sea, as well as its own cooker, refrigerator, wireless internet, en-suite shower and WC, air-conditioner, television, safe deposit box and hair dryer. Tarsanas offers 15 recently renovated luxury rooms and high quality services, guarantying you a wonderful stay.

All studios are single-space rooms, and can accommodate up to 4 people. They are renovated in 2011 with modern design, sea view, parking, private balcony, air-condition, HD TV, WiFi in the room, safe box and a hair dryer. There is room service for every room. Tarsanas also offers you a private beach, with beach service and free sunbeds.

  • Modern design
  • Renovated in 2011
  • Sea view
  • Free parking
  • Private balcony
  • Air conditioning
  • Hi definition TV
  • Internet – WiFi
  • Safe box
  • Hairdryer
  • Room service
  • Playground
  • Private beach
  • Free sunbeds
  • Beach service
  • Jacuzzi

Prices and room types

Glossary of terms

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Moderno renoviran hotelcic na peskovitoj plazi i prelepim vrtom


boravio sa suprugom i cerkom (6) od 01 do 10.09.2012.u spicu sezone cena od 100 eura dnevno bez hrane je nerealna...

prelep vrt, pogled na more, na plazi, blizu grada, parking u hladu, wifi svuda dostupan, mini kuhinja sa friziderom
ponedeljkom glasna muzika do kasno u noc, kratak krevet, a i soba bi mogla biti veca, higijena nije na zadovoljavajucem nivou

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    Maja10.07.2017 23:55:21

    Da li ima slobodnih studija za 2 odrasle osobe i bebu od 1.5godina u periodu 26.08 do 6.09?


    slobodan19.06.2017 17:18:26

    Postovanje,intresuje me smestaj za 4 odrasle osobe i 3 deteta(10,12,15 god) All Inclusive u periodu od 31.07.-06.08. hvala


    Natasa04.06.2017 23:19:54

    Postovani, molim za slobodne termine u julu, 2 odraslih i 2 deteta kao i cene za slobodne termine.Hvala unapred.


    Mladen Babic15.03.2017 21:18:26

    Interesuje ovaj smestaj za period od 1.Jula do 10.Jula za dve porodice od dve odrasle osobbe i dvoje dece od 6 i 3 godine. Da li je smestaj slobodan u ovom periodu i koliko bi kostao. Hvala unapred.


    Sanja22.08.2016 00:14:46

    Postovani, Za dve odrasle osobe idve bebe jedna od 2 god I 3 mes, druga od 6 meseci. termin 29.08. ili bilo koji sledeci termin do 3,4 septembra. 10 nocenja. hvala unapred. pozdrav, Sanja Tomovic


    maja drdovski21.06.2016 16:40:08

    Zanima me apartman sa 2 spavace sobe i odvojenom kuhinjom.i cena za navedeni datum od 16.avgusta


    Violeta Boskovic14.06.2016 13:57:56

    Postovani, Da li imate slobodne sobe u drugoj polovibni jula za troje odraslih i cetvoro dece? Deca su starosti 8, 5, 2 i godinu dana. Molim vas da nam, ukoliko imate slobodan smestaj u tom periodu posaljete najbolju ponudu. Takodje, u slucaju da je druga polovina jula popunjena, molim vas za ponudu u terminu od 5. do 15. avgusta. Hvala unapred. Pozdrav, Violeta


    Katarina02.06.2016 10:02:08

    jel ima za 26.06.?dvoje odraslih i dete 4 godine.


    jelena27.04.2016 09:49:44

    postovani trebaju nam 2 apartmana za 2 cetvoroclane porodice u smestaju Tarzans u periodu 22//7-01/8/2016. godine Jedna porodica 2 odralsih +2 dece od 3g i 6g 2 porodica 2 odraslih + dece od 11g i 16g Hvala unapred


    Katarina Savic27.02.2016 21:17:13

    Postovana da li ima mesta za 14 nocenja u Tarzanasu u avgustu za cetvoroclanu porodicu (cetvrti clan je beba)? Hvala Katarina