“Your impressions” Ah, it’s not easy to write while soul hurts! :-)
We came back a week ago from Thassos. This Easter was the most beautiful than any other until now! :-) While we were at Thassos, I could not even dare to think of our many friends, who are in love with Thassos too - what do they think and how they feel when they know we are there … !?

The last few days, before journey started, passed hurry-scurry: in the package, “cosmetic-hairdressing” preparations, buying gifts, painting the eggs … - everything had to be completed before the departure! It was so intense and we were all barely waiting to start journey and go! :-)
And if you expect me to tell you that we rushed and choose the shortest way to Thassos - I’ll disappoint you! :-) Halfway we stopped and overnight in Macedonia, in the “Ethno village of Timchevski” … which is if you ask me - for every recommendation! There started fun … evening with good food, traditional music (although not live), in good company, with good home-made wine … need I say more? :-)

The next morning we continued our trip early … it already started to “drill” in the stomach … maybe it’s what they call “butterflies :-) …. we crossed the border in Dojran, because we know that there is never a long wait here … we had a schedule of departures for the ferry, so we arranged to be there on time to immediately embark … the feeling when we enter Keramoti for me is always, equal to “Big Bang”! :-) Euphoria begins, and continues by ferry ride, while watching sea depths from the height, while taking pictures of seagulls … I say to my friends: “I can not wait to arrive to kiss the ” the holly Thassoss land "! They tell me I'm not normal, but I do not give a damn! If love for this island is craziness, they can feel free to call me crazy! :-) :-) We drive through well-known road, I wave to every known and dear place, and I insist that before we get to Anna's house, we pass through the "my" Pefkari! :-) I'm jumping for joy! :-) Just a few more minutes and we'll come to Annas. Large house, other guests are already here …


Now, something about having fun … :-)
Ana kindly welcomed us and took us around the Thassos, showing us things that we did not have chance to see until now! We were in Thassos only for 72 hours, and we all had the impression that we are there for weeks! :-) According to my impression it was nice to be in this company, with people who easily fit with everyone, who made our stay more interesting and beautiful, and on this occasion I am sending them a lot of greetings! :-) We were sixteen people in the house, and we were all like one big family! Ana gave us the whole floor of the house, so we, five of us, had a lot of space to feel cozy! :-) (I hope my coziness did not bother anyone! :-) :-)
We came on Bright Friday, in the afternoon … since it was not tourist season and many objects were closed, plus it was Easter Holiday time, we had lunch / dinner in the tavern “Irene”, in Potos … until now I had no opportunity to go there for meal … maybe once, long time ago, but I’m not sure … Greek bride, Norwegian woman, welcomed us kindly and, since we fasted, we asked her to recommend us something nice for this meal … and when they presented us Greek salads and bread rolls (right on the seafront!) the enjoyment was complete! :-) You hear the sea, eat fish, others drink tsipouro and wine, and I drink tea! (it is not something that I drink usually, but - however) :-) Do not know is it because of Thassos, the company, the joy that we are back here, but my lunch was excellent! (And if I’m not a fun of eating fish, this “flying” was good like God!) :-)

We returned to “home”, to change to go to church in Potos … for the first time I saw so many locals in one place! By the way, for me that church there is like the Temple of St. Sava, I do not know why … I look at it for years how grows and builds up, and somehow now I am carrying it in my heart … then for the first time we entered in it … I admit that was my first time at the church for great holidays! We walked out to kiss the cross and the priest’s hand, and each one of us got the bouquet of fresh field flowers … then the “epitafios” was taken out of the church and we all went through the place, went back to church, kissed the cross and lit candles. ..the people stayed in the church, and we returned home … We were very tired, excited about everything we’ve been experiencing since the beginning of the road, and most of all I was excited because of being in the “most loved” place in the world! :-) The night was cold, rain fell on several occasions …

The next day, we went to several sides, and in the evening our whole group was in the monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael, at the Easter Eve … again a large number of people from Thassos … and we … :-) We waited to hear from Jerusalem that The Holy Fire is lit, than the monk from the monastery lit the first candle, so everyone else could “split flame” between them … when it was midnight, we all congratulated each other on the holiday and launched the “contest for the winning egg”! :-) I do not have pictures from the monastery, but I know that some from our company took the photos … We attended the whole ceremony, and when it was over, we returned home and, with meals and baklava, we continued to hang out … there was so much laughter! We stayed up late, and the next day we planed to have a picnic at Psiliammos! :-)
Since arriving in Keramot, we were followed by some variable weather conditions, it was cloudy, there were more clouds than sun, and the rain was falling, the wind was blowing … but the Easter day was very sunny! It was, from the very morning, warmer than the previous days … a few “guys” went out to light the fire up for baking the “lamb”, the others took their time, drank coffee on the terrace (with the sea view!), and after we had a breakfast we started preparing for “approaching the sea”! :-) The guys were hungry, the beverage began to burn their stomachs, and then they cry out to us to bring food! :-)

When we arrived, the “lambs” were already around the skewers … as we thought! :-) Women prepared salads, dishes, tables, men spun meat, drank … children ran around … then arrived also some other Greek brides, Serb women, with their family … if I counted well there were 23 of us … plus some Greeks, who, shortly after lunch, escaped from us! :-) We spread out all over the yard on the beach … the owner let us make the schedule we want, he was wonderful to us! Great salutation for him! (Ana, please - give him our greetings!) :-) All around were colorful eggs, brides brought sweets, our people from Leskovac brought meat and many other things - for the first time I tried “sprza”, traditional Leskovac meal, and Ana brought some great goat cheese … mmmm! The day was “just to wish it”, the sun shone, the sky was without a single cloud! :-)

While men were working, women enjoyed sunbathing on the rocks and their stories …. all those who were sunbathing “got the color” and one even got a little burn! :-) Marios was fishing, some were playing sports with children …. a good wine was served, and at the end of the lunch we found out that we did not eat lamb, but - a goat! :-) Anyway, whatever it was, it was delicious, and we had a great meal! :-) I was surprised by the look of this beach - it is one of the most beautiful in summer, but now it was not so nice, the sea throw out grass on the surface, so it did not attract me to go down to it …

In the late afternoon hours we went back from the beach, everyone had some work to do, and then we went to Teologos, on the Greek Evening, near Augustos …. how we spent that night video can tell you! :-) There were a lot of Bulgarian people (I’ve never seen so many people at one place, even in the middle of the season) …. we were “observers” until the crowd did not split a little bit … and then … .. !!!! Madness! :-) It was not enough for us, but when the program was finished, we proceeded to Limenaria, to continue party at cafe …. Then some young people stayed here, and the rest of us, “pensioners”, we returned home (I did not want to, but the rest of company took me with them!) I’m very sorry that I did not stay there with a young team, because I wanted to have a little bit more fun!

The next morning came fast (day of return), we wanted to buy some nice things (cheese, wine we love …), but there was only one open shop in Potos (the one selling products from Thassos, across the “El Greco”) …. ferry, seagulls, tears in the corner of the eye …. like every time!

We will be back!
Hosts - thank you!