Photos and text: Filip Glišić

This year, we paid a visit to a small island called Ammouliani, located on Halkidiki (between Sithonia and Athos). Ammouliani is one of the smallest islands in Greece with a surface area smaller than 5km2.

To get to the island, you need to take a ferryboat from Trypiti, which is a few kilometers away from Ouranoupolis.

The island has a few big beaches (Alikes, Megali Ammos, Karagatsi) and a lot of small and wild ones. All of these beaches have truly unbelievably clear and blue water. There’s only one village where the majority of accommodations are located. There’s no beach in center of the village (beaches are 2km away on average), so it’s not very convenient to go there without a vehicle. There’s a bus that takes tourists to these beaches, but actually it’s not very affordable.

There’s not much of nightlife, still, there are enough coffee shops, taverns and supermarkets.

Not far from the island, there’s a mini archipelago called Drenia (Donkey islands). You shouldn’t miss visiting it and take a swim in its unreal water.

If the road takes you to this part of Greece, make sure to pay a visit to Ammouliani and Drenia.