Every year we get many questions about internet for mobile phones during summer in Greece.

Most tourists have problem with the use of the internet, both in accommodation and on the beach, in cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. The reason for this is usually the large number of connections to the same Wi-Fi signal that provides from one router, which makes the flow very slow. One of the solutions to this problem can be the purchase of an internet card in Greece.

It is interesting that companies rarely offer options that are convenient for tourists, and it is obvious that in Greece during the summer there are tens of million of tourists. Usually packages for tourists have free minutes to Greek networks which are useless for tourists.

This is what we found after checking mobile phone provider offers.


Tazamobile has packages for tourists but they are more expensive than Cosmote. Price of Taza card with number is 5e, and with credit of 10e you have 3GB internet, 50 minutes for all calls to Greek numbers, 600 minutes for calls to numbers from the same network and messages and 50 minute for international calls (Serbia unfortunately isn’t on the list).

Taza offers weekend package when you can buy 3GB for 2e by sending a message. You have to spend it during weekend, from Friday from 18h till Sunday midnight, and they have also new offer when you can buy 3GB for 4e for one week or 1GB for 1e for one day.


Cosmote has similar offer. You can buy card - number Cosmote for 5e, and then you pay credit 50e and with that credit you can buy internet. Now summer offer is on, so for 9.90€ you can have unlimited internet for one month. You have option to buy 1GB daily for 1e, 3GB for weekend for 2e or 700MB for one week for 4e.


Vodafone has similar offer like Cosmote. For those who want to have free calls, they can pay credit 10e for Cosmote number and with that they get 300 minutes free for Greek networks and 500MB.

Something similar offer Vodafone, you get plus 300 minutes free calls for numbers in the same network.


Last years, more and more of our customers are buying sim cards from the Croatian company Bonbon. Card - only for the Internet or the number, costs 2.5e and is sent to Serbia free of charge.

You can use the card in all EU countries and have very affordable packages. There are three different weekly packages depending on your needs: small (1,36 € - 1 GB), large (2,71 € -2 GB) and flat weekly package (10,85 € - unlimited internet).

Beside these packages, there are monthly for those who stay longer: Little - 250MB - 2 €, Medium - 1.6GB - 4.7 €, Large -3GB- 5.4 €, Very large - 6GB for 7.46 €. The good thing is that you can use this number and the Internet on other travel within the EU, and beside that you can use the internet you can also talk free (with EU numbers).

More information can be found on their website.

Q - wind

The only company that offers free calls to Serbia in its packages is Q - wind. With a supplement of € 4.5, you get 500MB of internet and 25 free minutes to Serbia (and another 400 minutes to users of the same network).

Here you can find more about Taza mobile.