What you’re about to read is a selection of the best beaches on Sithonia in no particular order, because choosing a favorite beach on this magnificent peninsula would be nearly impossible. Please keep in mind that these gorgeous beaches are at the peak of their beauty when they’re not crowded, so in case you’re planning your summer vacation to be during the busier periods of the holiday season, it’s recommended to visit them as early as possible.

Orange Beach (Kavourotripes) is perhaps the most popular beach on Sithonia, especially among those who are keen on exploring some less approachable areas. With its impressive water color and its unusual terrain configuration, this beach absolutely deserves to be visited at least once, and we’re sure that it won’t be your last visit. In the peak of the holiday season, a big crowd is almost guaranteed, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Kalamitsi beach is the beach that has it all! A crystal clear sea with a beautiful color, fine and pleasant sand, an almost infinite amount of space, a well organised part with sunbeds and parasols, taverns right next to the beach, but most importantly, it lets you experience the real feeling of serenity and calmness while lying down at Kalamitsi beach.

Karidi beach is the exotic heaven of Sithonia and it’s something you mustn’t miss! With its sea color and its fine sand, Karidi will make you feel as if you’re on a Caribbean island or some exotic island in the Pacific. It’s shoal makes it great for kids and easy accessibility is also one of its advantages.

Trani Ammouda is almost 2 km long and its size and the wonderful view of Athos that it offers will leave you breathless. There’s no need to worry about the crowd because there’s enough space for everyone who’s on Sithonia. It’s great for kids and a whole day visit. Early risers can enjoy a gorgeous sunrise over the neighboring Athos.

Tigania beach is located in Sikia, about 9km from Sarti. It is a smaller beach with an exotic look because of the umbrellas and bulrush cafes.

Lagomandra beach is super clean and organized, with a sea which has the same temper and a paved driveway. This beach is perfect for those of you who are not fond of chaos and surprises, but also not willing to settle with the city beach. Lagomandra is a proud holder of the Blue Flag and it’s great for all combinations - families with children, couples, or young people. That makes it very popular, so it can be crowded.

Agios Ioannis is a beach on the west coast. It’s very long, with a nice sea color, a great bar called Riviera and a big parking in its rear. This beach always has enough space for all of its visitors. The part of the beach which is open for all visitors is never crowded, even when the holiday season is at its peak, while the bar should be visited a bit earlier only in August.

Kalogria beach is a sandy beach with a natural shade and a shoal. This beach is very visited during the holiday season, so it’s recommended to come a bit earlier in order to find a parking spot. The most beautiful part is the one closer to the Mango Hotel.

Lagonisi beach is located on the east side of Sithonia. It’s organised and most of it belongs to a cafe so there is very little space for visitors with their own equipment. The beach is known for its turquoise sea and fine sand. There is some natural shade. You will be amazed by the color of the sea.

Klimataria Beach is located in the south of Sithonia, near Sykia. The beach has a long shoal, very fine sand and clean water. It is perfect for families with small children, and in recent years it has been becoming very crowded.

Koviou beach is located on the west coast, 6 km away from Nikiti towards Neos Marmaras. It’s a smaller beach with a very nice color of the sea, with a little natural shade. It is excellent for diving.

The turn for the Mega Portokali beach is about 400 m after the turn for Orange beach, when coming from the direction of Sarti. The beach is wild, with a beautiful sea, a shoal and a bit steep driveway.

Platanitsi beach belongs to a camp, so the entrance fee is 2 euros. The beach is wide, with a fine gravel, an excellent bar with even better music, but it can be very windy. The beach is organised.

Armenistis beach is a big sandy beach with a turquoise sea which will knock you off your feet and with pine trees in its rear. The beach belongs to a camp and the entrance fee is 3-5 euros per person. The beach is crowded during the holiday season, so parking is possible only along the highway.

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