Mega Portokali beach is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia.

It is located about 7km north from Sarti, 700m after the Orange beach.

How to reach it?

It is not marked, but the turn you will recognize by the canteen which is located near the highway and the extension by the road where the cars are parked. There is space for parking in the woods and on the way from the highway to the beach. The mentioned road leads through the woods and has a length of about 200m. In the hinterland of the beach is a pine forest, which is a favorite place for many campers.
You can also get to the beach when you turn left from Orange beach through the woods, so you can visit both beaches on the same day, without having to look for a parking space twice.
The beach itself is small and narrow, in the afternoon is in full shade because of the rocks in the background.

The beach has fine sand on the shore and in the water, and a few hundred meters of shallow water up to waist.

What inspires on this beach is the turquoise and very clear water, shimmering in the sun and if you look at the beach from the forest you will have the impression that this is one big, beautiful pool. There is a canteen above the beach, but there are no sunbeds or umbrellas on the beach itself, but there is a place to put your equipment.

In our opinion, this beach should be seen. It’s near the main road so you can stop by to it when you are passing through, and throw a glimpse from the forest that is on the left side. It is surrounded by white rocks, and in the bottom of the sea is lighter sand, so the water is bright blue and soft as well as on the entire coast Kavourotripes. There is crowd on the beach in the season.

From the canteen you go down the stairs to the beach, and in the canteen you can buy drinks and some food at ok prices.
The disadvantage of this beach is that there are no toilets, cabins or showers, so you have to go to Orange beach if you want to use the toilet.

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