Railway line Belgrade - Thessaloniki is not active in 2023.

Train from Belgrade to Thessaloniki is active again during the summer period, after few years of occasional breaks. This train to Thessaloniki runs to Gevgelia only, from where transport to Thessaloniki is organized by bus.

The train runs every day in period from June 13th until September 20, and departure from Belgrade station Topcider is at 18:25, arrives in Thessaloniki at 9.33 next morning. From Thessaloniki to Belgrade departure is at 17:51, arrives to Belgrade at 8.13 next morning.

The one-way ticket price without seat reservation is 33,80€ reservation is mandatory and additional charge is 3€). The return ticket price is 57€ with seat reservation. Children up to 3,99 years old travel free of charge without their own seat. Children from 4 to 12 years old have 50% discount. Couchette bed reservation, which is the most comfortable way of travel by train and which we recommend, is 8€. In this case there is a railway sleeping car attendant who will offer to bring you coffee or juice, or wake you up, if necessary, at the border or at your destination. Couchette has 6 beds, but very often happens that there are not too many passengers so you can be alone

From the train station to the bus station you can take a taxi that you will find in front of the station. The price of taxi ride should not cost more than 6-7€.