If you plan to travel to Greece and do not have your own car, you can travel by van or bus.

Van transport to Greece

In the last decade, van transportation has become increasingly popular. Depending on the agency, that transportation can be with a door-to-door transportation service. The ticket price is slightly more expensive than for bus transportation, but the journey is more comfortable. Departures are possible from many cities in Serbia (upon agreement with the carrier). Vans are usually new, with 7-8 seats and drive you straight to the address or place where you are vacationing in Greece.

Departures are possible from all major cities in Serbia along the highway, but it is best to call the aforementioned agencies by phone to make arrangements. They work 24 hours. There is no strict timetable, as the departure is coordinated with all passengers. In season, departures are daily.

The advantage of traveling by van to Greece is that during the summer tourist season, there are daily departures, sometimes several times a day.
The disadvantage of this type of transport is that the van usually does not drive to just one destination, but it may happen that on the way to your destination you have to drive and stop at other places as well leaving some passengers there. In this sense, this kind of trip can be a little more tiring and slightly longer, so it is advisable to ask before booking the ticket.

Van carriers that drive to Greece are: Terra Travel, Gea Team and Pexon Team.
You can find more information about departures and prices on their official websites. They are generally available 24 hours a day for contact by phone
Terra Travel: https://terratravel.rs/kombi-prevoz/grcka/
Gea Team: https://geateam.rs/
Pexon Team: https://www.pexonteam.rs/

Bus transport to Greece

There are several bus operators that have regular bus routes to Greece.
These are Siamos Tours, FP Travel Patrikalos and Falcon.

The schedule of FP Travel has multiple departures per week, you can check it here.
Siamos has also multiple departures per week, and you can check the schedule on their website here.
Falcon runs twice a week and you can check the departure times and prices here.

These carriers usually have two or three departures and returns per week and drive to Thessaloniki and through the Olympic region and Larissa to Athens and back.

If you decide on this type of driving for your vacation, see our article on how you can get from Thessaloniki to the resort on Halkidiki by bus here.

Some domestic travel agencies also provide a bus service to Greece, without the obligation to pay for the arrangement. In order to book a ticket only for the trip in some agencies, you have to wait until a few days before departure, because priority is given to passengers who have also paid for accommodation. With some other agencies, however, it is possible to book only transportation well in advance. For transport, contact Hellena, Astra, Sabra, Omnitours, Akva and so on.

Transport to Greek islands

There are no regular bus lines from Serbia to the Greek islands, including Thasos, so the only option is to travel by local, tourist agency buses.
Another option is to travel on the regular bus lines we mentioned above to Thessaloniki, and then travel on Greek intercity buses to Kavala or other ports from where the boats leave for the island you want to go to.

Transportation by train to Thessaloniki is still not possible because the railway is being reconstructed.

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