Sivota is a small and very picturesque place that offers everything you need for a peaceful holiday.

However, stay in it gives you the ability to see numerous beaches in the area. The beaches in this region are characterized by small or bigger pebbles, emerald sea and plenty of natural shade. The beaches are mostly arranged and easily available, but if you are adventurous, you can discover also small wild coves which are in abundance.

Galikos Molos beach

Sivota has no city beach, but Galikos Molos beach is considered to be one because is right next to the city. It’s about 300 meters from the port, located just behind the marina, and you can reach it on foot from most of the accommodations in Sivota. The beach is narrow, with no distinctive turquoise sea and can be used for swimming once you do not feel like visiting the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Karvouno beach

Karvouno beach is in front of the famous beach Bella Vraka. It’s located about 600m from the port and you can reach it on foot, but with the uphill climb. The beach is small, rocky in the past, today filled with sand and gravel. It’s beautiful, with villas and hotels in the background. On the beach there is parking space, and you can rent chairs and umbrellas. There’s also a bar that offers snacks and drinks. The beach is usually packed with visitors from nearby hotels. It is located in the lee, has a shoal and it’s suitable for children. Beach is facing west, so you can enjoy on it with beautiful sunsets. Near the beach is the famous restaurant Karvouno, with excellent seafood offer.

Bella Vraka beach

After 15-minute walk uphill, then downhill you’ll find Bella Vraka beach. Don’t go by car to this beach, because there is no parking space and turning around is also problem. This is the most famous beach in Sivota and it surrounding because it’s located on the island and can be reached on foot through the sandbar and the water above your knees. The beach is not spectacular, it’s small and without any facilities, so it’s necessary to bring water and food. You’ll need also sandals for water, because of the sharp tiny pebbles on the reef. If you move on through the forest, you’ll reach another bay with sun beds belonging to a nearby hotel. So, for outside visitors there’s no content except water sports, so it’s essential to bring umbrellas and towels. The beach is more attractive to look at, than for all-day or multi-day enjoyment.


Going toward Parga, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, and if you are adventurous, you can explore wild coves which has along the way. Little beach Zavia is interesting, emerald green, with a restaurant and ample space for parking. This beach is sandy, while all the rest are gravel. In the back of the beach there’s olive grove where you can also set up deck chairs and enjoy the natural shade. Due to fresh water spring, the sea is a bit colder.

Mega Ammos

Mega Ammos is organized beach exactly 2km from the center of Sivota. Many tourists from Sivota get there on foot, but it can be approached by car. The beach is beautiful, with fine gravel, arranged and very visited, so it’s best to arrive early to get a good seat on the beach and parking lot. Beach chairs and umbrellas are (in 2016) given along with ordered drink, with no additional charge. There’s also a place for visitors with their own equipment. On the beach there are showers, toilets, water sports and taverns. The beach is surrounded by rocks and trees in the background, which gives it a special charm.

Mikri Ammos

Mikri Ammos is located immediately after Mega Ammos beach, exactly 2,8km away from Sivota. The beach is small and stony, but very beautiful and it can be reached by car. It has free parking, but in the season you must come early. The beach has a cafe that rents comfortable and high-quality chairs and umbrellas. In the season reservations are possible, and it happens that there is no place no matter how early you arrive. This beach was arranged a bit fancy, and along with the music from the bar and slightly higher prices it attracts many young people, both tourists and local residents. At the bar on the beach, in addition to drinks, you can purchase sandwiches and light meals (salads). Given the fact that the beach is small, is’t usually crowded during high season, so if you’d like a quiet beach for relaxation we recommend that you skip this one. Otherwise, the beach is nicely tucked in greenery, with turquoise and crystal clear waters, and it’s one of the most beautiful in the area of Sivota. Sea is a bit colder, and sea life is rich, so snorkeling and scuba diving are a real pleasure. The beaches Mikri and Mega Ammos can be reached by a small train from Sivota.

Mega Drafi (Ntrafi)

If you proceed further toward Parga, 3,3km away from Sivota you’ll come across a small beach Mega Drafi (Ntrafi), also gravelly and beautiful, arranged and accessible by car.

Agia Paraskevi

About 6km away from Sivota there’s a beach Agia Paraskevi with eponymous island that gives it a special charm. The beach is very beautiful and popular, the sand is burly, a shoal is long, so this beach is favorite for families with children. It’s also protected with aforementioned island, so it’s always calm and without waves, which also fits the children. The island is so close, that you can safely swim to it, bathe in and relax at a cute little beach. Agia Paraskevi is arranged, with many bars and taverns in the hinterland, as well as accommodation facilities. On the beach you can rent beach chairs, and prices vary from bar to bar (2-5e per lounger). At the end there’s a small church dedicated to Agia Paraskevi, offering a very beautiful view of the beach and the island. On the part of the beach near the church sand is finest and most suitable for children. To safely park a car in high season, you need to come earlier. Agia Paraskevi is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, also it’s crowded in high season, so if you’re into beaches without no crowd, where you can enjoy in peace with a book or an afternoon nap, go around Agia Paraskevi, at least from mid-July to mid-August.

Zeri beach

Zeri beach is about 1km away from the center of Sivota and it can be reached on foot. It’s small, sandy and fully arranged, with free parking next to it. Two deck chairs and a parasol can be rented for 5e. There’s also a tavern with the same name and a mini aqua park with swimming pool and several slides. The entrance to the water park, is (in 2016) charged 5e. The entrance to the water has some coarse gravel, and after a few meters is with fine sand. On the beach you can rent a motor boat for a tour around the beaches in the area of Sivota.

Dei beach

Dei beach is 1,5km away from the center of Sivota. It can be reached on foot or by car. Along the beach there’s a free parking in the shade, in an olive grove. It’s a beach with plenty of natural shade and a cafe (also in the shade). If you do not want to use the services of the cafe, there is plenty of room to set up your equipment under the trees. The beach is covered with rough gravel, but due to a shade it may suit families with children.

Pisina beach

Close to Sivota is also Pisina (which means the pool) beach. It can be reached only by private boat or regular line. Ticket price for regular line is 5e, the boat leaves you on the beach and later picks you up. Pisina beach is characterized by transparent and turquoise sea.

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