If you decide to travel to Greece through Bulgaria, and we wrote about that here you can stay overnight in Bansko. It’s a nice place with a great selection of hotels.

The second suggestion is a small place Agistro, immediately after entering Greece (ten minutes drive from the Promahonas border crossing). We always choose this option.

Agistro is a small village with less than 400 residents, but this village is annually visited by more than 100 000 tourists, mostly Greeks.

The reason for so much popularity of this village is the Hamam from the Byzantine period, more than 1000 years old (from the 10th century)! Except of this Hamam, seven new Turkish baths and a hotel were built.

However, real enjoyment is taking bath in the old Hamam. None modern and luxurious Turkish bath can be compared with this. Flush water, temperature between 35 and 39 degrees, dim light and privacy. The Hamam is open all year long, every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Scheduling is necessary for every bathroom, and for the old one even the day or two in advance. You use the Hamam alone, for a maximum of half an hour. Make a reservation in advance and necessarily for an old Hamam, do not accept the terms that they offer you for the new bathrooms. If you have not been able to make a reservation, ask the accommodation owners to do it for you. It happened to us that the old Hamam was scheduled for 3am, because all other terms were taken, so in order to avoid that situation, it’s better to schedule in time.
Water is beneficial for rheumatic diseases and arthritis, but also for all healthy people because it is the perfect way to relax.

There are several hotels and apartments for rent in the city. We are fans of a boutique hotel To Archontiko tou Kosti

If you are two persons look for the room number 2.

The owners have taken care of every detail, and breakfast is served in the room. Great place!

There are several taverns in the city, and for the recommendation it is best to ask the owners of the accommodation.

Agistro is best to visit during the winter, but it is quite good and in the summer.

If you are not in a rush, from the main road you can turn to Lake Kerkini. You will drive about 25km local way. Lake Kerkini is one of the largest if not even the largest migratory bird habitat in Greece on the routes to the Aegean Sea, the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Hungarian steppes …

Here you can buy home made products, ice cream and other products from buffalo milk, ride horses around the lake or take a boat ride on the lake.

In the villages near the lake there are several restaurants where you can try fish from the lake, while there are no contents right next to the lake.

One of the popular taverns where you can taste fish is the Oasi Tavern in Neo Petritsi.

Another very interesting tavern is Methoriakos Stathmos in Vyroneia. There is no fish on the menu here.
Taverna is located on the old railway station, in a very interesting ambience. Just next to the rails on which a small locomotive stands, in a place that played an important role in the Balkan Wars, you will enjoy delicious food at very reasonable prices. Very interesting experience.

The prices for one portion are from 5 to 7€.

If you are traveling to Thassos or Kavala, the route through Bulgaria is much better than through Macedonia, and you can also take the opportunity to get to know some of the new places and areas.