Of course, there is not only one correct answer to this question, but if a few important parameters are taken into account, then Nikiti, Sithonia is the answer.
Before you buy a property in Greece, you should think hard about the reason for the purchase, ie. whether you want to invest for the future, whether you want to rent it out immediately in order to get your money back and make money as soon as possible, or do you want to have it for yourself and your own holidays.

The answer to these questions also depends on the answer to the question of which place is best to buy a property.
In this article, we will write about the purchase of property in Nikiti and why it is a good decision.

Nikiti - the best place to buy real estate in Greece

Nikiti is on Halkidiki, at the beginning of the second finger (Sithonia). Nikiti is one of the most popular holiday destinations, among other things, because there are fantastic beaches nearby and some of them are included in the most beautiful in Sithonia (Trani Amuda, Calogria, Lagonis and the like).

Another advantage is that from Nikiti you can easily visit and western and eastern part of Sithonia, because right at the entrance to Nikita there is a crossroads for the east and west coasts.
In Nikiti you can find almost all the big supermarkets in Sithonia, starting with Lidl, via Masutis, Galaxia to Vasilopoulos. Nikiti is a great and best place to supply.

Besides the market there are the only post office and bank in Sithonia, veterinary clinics, a large number of doctor’s offices, municipalities. The only Health Center is about 10 kilometers away.

Nikiti is much closer to Serbia than other popular resorts in Sithonia and Cassandra and is 80 km from the airport. Thessaloniki’s strict centre is about 100km away, while, Thessaloniki’s largest shopping centre (Cosmos) and Ikea are about 80 km away.
Most of the rental facilities in Nikiti are on a newer date, and the price of renting apartments per night is higher than in other places in Sithonia and Cassandra*** It is fair to say that Nikiti is the most expensive because of the quality and newer facilities, which is due to the high demand and popularity of the place.

Nikiti itself does not have many apartment accommodation with numerous units, there are no large hotels, and therefore there are not many tourists who come by bus, i.e. there are much less than in other towns in Halkidiki. That’s why Nikiti it’s never too crowded. The units for rent are mostly apartments and mesonette in private homes and private settlements.

A large number of Thessalonikians and Greeks from other more remote mainland cities have houses and holiday homes in Nikiti.

How much does a square of residential space cost in Nikiti?

And finally, the square metre of residential space in Nikiti is higher than in other places, but you get a lot more.
Of course, it is also very important that the biggest choice of real estate is in Nikiti, because in recent years it has been really much built, and the price per square metre is rising year after year.

Currently, up to 40 buildings are being built in Nikiti at the same time, despite the increase in construction materials. Prices of newly built buildings exceed 2,200 euros/m2. According to some data, Nikiti is one of the most attractive places in Greece for a “second house”.

There was a period three years ago, when no more than 10 buildings were built in Thessaloniki at the same time, Nikiti 80!
Nikiti is now the largest village in Halkidiki, and will be further expanded, as an urban study is underway.

Nikiti, which has a population of about 2.500, and because of a major reconstruction that began a decade ago that continues rapidly, is a real case study for planning and implementation of the development of tourist areas in Greece.

Greeks from Northern Greece, many Bulgarians, Ukrainians and Russians but also Serbs, saw a paradise in Nikiti for their holidays. However, a number of businessmen and tourism professionals, as well as contractors, have invested in Nikiti.

Everyone has rushed to take advantage of the major expansions of the Coastal Settlement Road Plan, which have more than doubled the surface of the so-called New Nikiti.

The demand for property purchases is so high that new homes are being sold even before the foundations are hit. Suffice it to say that in 2014-2020 alone, investments in the new 2.500 studios and apartments for rent were approved, excluding new construction of houses, apartments and mesonette. Minimum price per square meter is 1800€.

What led to so much construction in Nikiti?

In addition to a few things we mentioned at the beginning, such construction was influenced by the fact that the seaside (promenade) was renovated and that construction in the towns on Cassandra was already oversatuted. Nikiti also has an old section that has been declared a historic site and is a separate apartment complex that also attracts a number of investors and buyers.

The downsides of buying a property in Nikiti

What could be the potential drawback of buying a property in Nikiti and in Halkidiki in the first place?
Halkidiki as a prefecture has a population of 100,000 during the year, and in summer, with tourists, it has up to 600,000.
Nikiti, old and new part, has a total permanent population of about 2,500, while on weekends during August they receive up to 30,000 people.
A village in winter, a city in summer, as the Greeks would say.

The reconstruction brought investment and money to Nikiti, but also infrastructure problems. Does the municipality allocate enough funds for a basic infrastructure network?
The inner roads in the expansion are earthy, biological wastewater treatment has reached its limits and thankfully the tender for its construction is under way, while the construction of a dam in Havria is also pending, which is expected to provide residents, tourists and tens of thousands of visitors with enough water.

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