Ammouliani is a small island and increasingly popular holiday destination among our tourists.

The island belongs to the so-called third finger of Halkidiki, Athos.

Why is Ammouliani more and more popular?

Primarily because of the very clean sea and beautiful beaches. The island is small, but on very short distances you can enjoy a dozen beautiful beaches with extremely clear sea. The most famous and beautiful beach is Alikes, but Agios Georgios, Megali Ammos, Karagatsia and several small bays are also very nice.

The island is only two nautical miles from the mainland, and it takes about 10 minutes by ferry to get there. Ferries depart from the Trypiti port on Athos every half hour. During the season, ferries depart more often, every 10-15 minutes, so it’s not necessary to schedule a specific time, as there are always ferries to depart and return.
Ferry price is 10€ for the car, and 3.5€ per person.

The first ferry from Trypiti to the island is at 7:45, and the last is at 20:05.

The first ferry from the island to the mainland is at 7:15, and the is at 19:45.

Ammouliani has only one major settlement and a ferry docks-in there. The entire island has about 600 inhabitants. The biggest place is called the same as the island, and it has everything you need for a complete vacation, dozens of accommodations, pharmacies, a doctor, several taverns, fast food (gyros), pastry shops, bakeries, supermarkets, amusement park, cafes and a promenade.

Prices in supermarkets are about 10% higher than on the mainland.

In addition to some of the most famous beaches, there are additional private accommodations, taverns and beach bars.

Excursions from Ammouliani Island

From the island you can take a cruise around the Holy Mountain, which is organized daily, you can visit Ouranopolis and the monastery Kakovo. You can rent a boat or get a taxi-boat and visit the small Drenia islands at only a 10-minute boat ride away. These islands are famous for their beautiful sea and beautiful small beaches.

If you ask can I spend a summer vacation on Ammouliani, the answer is yes, for sure, and it can be quite enjoyable.

Since the island is small, there are no nightlife, clubs, or special tourist attractions, so we would recommend it only to families and couples looking for a peaceful holiday.

You can visit all the beaches on the island by car, though the roads to some beaches are partly gravel, but not bad. The distances are very short, so scooters and 4-wheelers are the perfect means for sightseeing and can be rented in the proper agencies. There are organized mini-buses on the island that drive to the beaches.

The Ammouliani town also has a small beach in the center, between two ports. This beach is in use, but it’s not among the best. At the exit of the place, to the right of the ferry dock, there’s an asphalt road leading to several small beaches. The last one, at the end of the road, is very nice and on a walking distance.

You can check out a video clip from this island on our Youtube channel.

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